How to charge the new mobile phone? How to charge the new cell phone battery

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New mobile phones, must be a scientific and reasonable to charge mobile phones, so as to prolong the life of cell phone batteries, then, how to charge the new mobile phone is the best? below, the mobile phone world small make up to teach everybody new to buy mobile phone how charge, hope to be helpful to everybody .

1) before the battery factory, manufacturers have been activated processing, and the pre-charging, so the battery is more than electricity, a friend said the battery in accordance with the time of the adjustment period of charge, standby is still seriously insufficient, assuming that the battery is authentic batteries, this case should be extended to adjust the period of 3~5 again full charge and discharge.
2 If the new mobile phone battery is lithium ion, then the former 3~5 secondary charge is generally referred to as the adjustment period, should be more than 14 hours, to ensure full activation of lithium ion activity. Lithium-ion battery has no memory effect, but has a strong sui, should be given full activation, to ensure that the use of the future to achieve the best performance.
3 Some automated Intelligent quick charger when the signal lights change, only the expression is filled with 90%. The charger will automatically change to fill the battery with a slow charge. It is best to use the battery when it is full, otherwise it will shorten the usage time.
4 before charging, lithium batteries do not need special discharge, improper discharge will damage the battery. When charging, as far as possible to slow charge, reduce the fast charging mode; time does not exceed 24 hours. After three to five full charge and discharge cycle of the battery, its internal chemical substances will be all "activated" to achieve the best use effect.
5) Please use the original or reputation of a better brand charger, lithium batteries to use lithium battery charger, and follow the instructions, otherwise it will damage the battery, or even dangerous.
6 There are a lot of users are often in charge when the phone is still on, in fact, it will be very easy to hurt the life of the phone, because in the process of charging, the phone's circuit board will be hot, at this time if there is a foreign phone, it may produce instantaneous reflux current, the internal parts of the phone damage.
7 The battery life depends on the number of repeated charge and discharge, so should try to avoid battery power when the charge, this will shorten the battery life. Mobile phone shutdown time more than 7 days, should be the first cell phone battery completely discharge, sufficient power to use.
8 cell Phone battery has self-discharge, Ni-MH battery will be discharged daily according to the remaining capacity of 1% or so, lithium battery daily will be 0.2%~0.3% discharge. When charging the battery, try to use a special socket, do not share the charger with the TV and other household appliances.
9 Although the mobile phone in the network coverage area, but in the hands of the machine to charge, the phone has been unable to accept and call the phone. At this point, you can use the mobile phone's open transfer function, the mobile phone to the fixed phone around to prevent the loss of calls, this method for the phone is not in the network coverage area or weak signal and temporarily unable to connect the application also.
10 do not expose the battery to high temperature or cold, like dog Day, should not put the phone in the car, withstand the sun exposure, or get air-conditioned room, put in the air conditioning straight blowing place. When charging, the battery is a little hot is normal, but can not let it undergo high-temperature "suffering." To avoid this, it is best to charge at room temperature and not to cover anything on the phone.
11 Ni-CD (N-iCd) battery must be guaranteed to be completely out of battery before charging, and must ensure sufficient battery power.
12 If the cell phone battery is placed too long and not used, it is best to the mobile phone maintenance department to apply to the battery for a live treatment, you can also use a DC constant voltage, adjust the voltage for 5~6v, current 500~600ma reverse connection battery. Note that a touch is open, the maximum repeat three times, after such treatment, and then use the original charger for "adjustment period" charge.

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