How to check the computer iPv6 address?

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With the IPV4 address is about to run out, the world has accelerated into the IPv6 era, our computer can also view the IPV6 address information, but a lot of friends for IPv6 what is not very understanding, the following small series through the IPv6 Address knowledge encyclopedia and how to view the computer IPv6 address, Let us have a closer look.

  What is IPv6?

Professionally speaking, IPV6 is the abbreviation for Internet Protocol version 6, IPV6 is the next generation IP protocol designed by the IETF to replace the current version of the IP Protocol (IPV4). The current version number of the IP protocol is 4 (referred to as IPV4, because the IPV4 address is on the verge of exhaustion), its next version is IPV6.

Popular said, IPv6 is the next version of the Internet Protocol, can also be said to be the next generation of Internet Protocol, it was originally proposed because with the rapid development of the Internet, IPV4 defined limited address space will be depleted, the lack of address space is bound to hinder the further development of the Internet.

Because the IPV4 address is limited, and each networked computer needs to assign a unique IP address, as networking devices become more and more, there is a growing demand for IP addresses, IPV4 address is now running out, replaced only IPV6 address to meet the increasing demand for more and more networking equipment.

  How to view computer IPV6 address

Now in our computer, we can see the relevant IPV6 address information, the view method is also very simple, the following is the specific steps:

First, popular press and hold computer keyboard win+r shortcut keys, open the Run dialog box, and then open the following type: "cmd", and then click on the bottom of the OK or press ENTER to call out cmd (Command prompt), as shown in the following figure:

Second, pull up the cmd command box, we re-enter the command: Ipconfig finished, press ENTER to run, as shown in the following figure:

Three, then you can see a lot of information about IP addresses, in which we can find IPV4 address and IPV6 address, as shown in the following figure.

View Computer IPv6 Address method

IPV6 address than we are familiar with the IPV4 address to be longer and more complex, IPV6 address format:, more difficult to remember, but its capacity is very large, basically no longer worry about the IPV6 address will be used up.

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