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Many interested in the design of the small partners asked me to read the user experience design in the United States related to the professional to go to which schools good.

I do not study abroad education, the understanding of the affirmation is not comprehensive. And my information is relatively backward, after all, has graduated so many years. I am a graduate of the school, as well as in the United States to work for some years, the cooperation of designer colleagues of the Graduate college, I know some, so here is a simple to write, for your reference. :)

Many years ago when applying for American universities, I mainly look at other sites to find information input, so here also cite some usnews rankings.

Emphasize that this ranking does not need to be serious, but can help you understand some of the school's name, then you can go to Google to find the school's homepage, to see their graduate school information, one to read carefully, read a few school design professional introduction after you feel.

Instead of constantly looking at rankings and asking people, I suggest that we go to a few more schools to see the site, and then ask the pertinent questions.

In addition, Human-computer interaction, also known as HCI, even in the United States is a relatively new professional, with this master's degree of school is not much, in usnews I have not found the ranking of this category. So, let me first list a few relevant professional rankings, so that you have started to study the basic object.

Here are the rankings of graduate schools. (from USNews)

  Industrial Design

Rhode Island School of DesignArt Center College of

Carnegie Mellon University

Cranbrook Academy of Art

California College of the Arts

Pratt Institute

  Visual design

Rhode Island School of Design

Yale University

Maryland Institute College of Art

Carnegie Mellon University

Virginia Commonwealth University

Cranbrook Academy of Art


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Stanford University

University of California–berkeley

Carnegie Mellon University

University of Illinois–urbana-champaign

University of Michigan–ann Arbor

Industrial design, visual design, computer science, are the main source of access to the user experience design industry. You can start doing research from these schools.

Remember, choosing a school is also choosing a style, a way of life.

For example, CMU, the most powerful computer professional college, you certainly have a lot of access to the top computer professional education, such as Cranbrook such exquisite art schools, it must be another style.

For example, University of Michigan, you choose a more than 100,000-person town, 6 months of winter every year, a stunning pastoral life, but in New York, you choose the wonderful and gorgeous metropolis.

These styles directly affect our overseas students living, work, and good memories, so choose to be cautious, but also believe in fate.

HCI graduate students have a lot of professional, we can go to Google. I'm talking about some of the best colleagues I've worked with. HCI Professional School:

New York University-Multimedia design

University of Michigan –HCI

Georgia Polytechnic University –HCI



Many, do not enumerate. Some of these designer friends give me the impression that is a case, very subjective. :)

New York University Multimedia Design Graduation I met two colleagues, are African Americans, they are two classmates ... Do not know is the school relationship, or because they are African Americans relationship. Their style of design is unusually high. Their majors give me a deep impression of what's going on, interacting, seeing, being able to do flash, maybe a book in New York, and they're both stylish and quick-talking.

My colleagues at Georgia Tech gave me the impression that it was rational and cool, and that every time a design seminar would come up with a more professional design opinion, it felt pretty plausible.

CMU's HCI is really powerful, full of Silicon Valley. When I was in yahoo, Yahoo searched half of the people from CMU's HCI. CMU's powerful Alumni circle is really good in Silicon Valley, just behind Jianglong Stanford.

UMich's HCI graduates come from the clean, quiet and beautiful countryside, all of them are bright and virtuous ... All right, I'm graduating here. I like UMich environment, really is a good place to read, but pay attention to this place to find an internship must silently to the east of New York or Western California, around Detroit, Chicago, these places are really difficult to find work. UMich's HCI graduates are also slowly growing in Silicon Valley, hoping to have an alumni group hahaha.

Not HCI professional designer colleagues are more, also say a few:

Rhode Island School of Design, I participated in the work of two years of visual colleagues is this school graduate, visual design ability and the understanding of the arts super Good, admire and learn. Cooperation for a long time, I out of interaction, he out of sight, basic every review must, tacit understanding is very good.

Stanford, in the Silicon Valley is simply overflowing, overflowing and excellent, really a good school. Highly recommended. Stanford Park is beautiful enough, and even have a super good Stanford shopping mall, our family's engagement ring and wedding ring are bought here.

Berkley I have cooperated some, is some intern, the technology flows, the honest lovable progresses.

Harvard Product Manager I have a lot of cooperation, and really did not cooperate to do user experience design.

Finally have to boast art Center College of Design graduated visual designers, too strong, a lot of cooperation, are first-class visual designers.


I myself read the information College of University of Michigan. Before writing about me to change the professional articles, a lot of small partners curious, I will write, the story is this:

I appreciate CMU, so I planned to go to CMU to read mism. After getting an offer, I contacted the Chinese students to read the team, paid a deposit, received an offer. Then one day suddenly saw Mism's timetable, densely all is programming. I was interested in economics and information science, half a half of the coding not so want to go to the end, and finally chose the University of Michigan's information economics.


And then at the University of Michigan to get acquainted with the design, a more professional, HCI.


Finally, part of the course for postgraduate studies at the University of Michigan is attached for your reference. This is the information economics and HCI all have, so not so pure HCI curriculum ha.

The history of information and the use of social systems

Network system


Game theory

Selection and Learning


Evaluation method of information system and service

Enterprise Science

Interface design and interactive design

Law and management of information company

Information Market

Public goods

Matching System

Information Systems cooperation

Green Building

Information architecture

Integral system Construction

Human behavioral Science


Students, reading time is good time, read more, please cherish. :)

Thanks for reading!


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