How to choose mechanical hard disk and SSD

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How to choose mechanical hard disk and SSD

The giants of the tide we all see in the eyes of pain in the heart, after all, they are accompanied us through a lot of years old brand. And for consumers, in the end should buy large-capacity mobile hard disk products good or fast technology strong (mobile) solid-state drives good?

Why did the traditional mechanical hard disk "fall"?

Perhaps for most of the computer users who do not have access to it information, the organs of PC hardware is not very clear, let alone what kind of hard disk you are using. In fact, the traditional mechanical hard drive has been good, west and Seagate think can rely on the disc to master the Jiangshan, until these years NAND flash particles, traditional mechanical hard disk weaknesses have been explained that it is not suitable for this era of survival-the noise of the disc, the volume of the disc is large, the disc almost zero against the external interference performance, Are marking the former "Jiangshan" has been a serious threat to the solid-state hard disk.

A mechanical hard drive that used to cover the sky

The traditional mechanical hard drive of the double-west number and Seagate, in this year's earnings report also shows the difficult to remove the pain. West in the cost of nearly 19 billion U.S. dollars to buy Flash di, causing their own vitality, as of the third quarter of this year, mechanical hard disk shipments of 47.5 million (last year 51.7 million block), is still in a loss situation. and Seagate? Shipped 38.9 million yuan in the third quarter of this year, much less than the West, to know it in the first quarter of 2015 shipments but there are 59.4 million!

All this data tells us the truth, and it seems that few people will buy a mechanical hard drive again. The solid-state hard disk with flash particles as its elements, whether it's a computer system disk or an ontology disk, whether it's using a solid-state drive to assemble a removable solid-state drive or directly buy a mobile solid-state drive, is enough to show that you are a person who will enjoy life and know the avantgarde configuration, so who's going to be the man again?

Large-capacity mechanical hard drive: The road is still in

Despite the weakness of traditional mechanical hard disk, the mobile hard disk with mechanical hard disk is not always a hero. Western data painstaking, almost with the courage to buy a flash, the latest blue-green disk SSD of the birth. At the moment, however, Seagate has also released a 5TB capacity, the world's largest capacity of the mobile mechanical hard disk backup Plus portable.

Western data whether the brand achievement WD Blue and WD Green everyone knows, and Seagate is the Barracuda to continue to provide consumers with the latest series of hard drives! Most importantly, the 5TB capacity is only 1300 yuan in the price, the conscience can be seen. Although the speed is not optimistic, but the large capacity of the advantage is still can be rolled solid-state hard drive.

Mobile HDD with 5TB capacity of Seagate

Although the "double-male" at this moment's move is not competitive, but after all the rise in the trough period, I think the two categories of products still have a certain "comparability." My humble opinion is that 1300 yuan, you can only buy about 500GB capacity of solid-state drives, but Seagate is 5TB, 10 times times the difference in capacity of the temptation to imagine.

From an ordinary consumer point of view, at a price of about 1000 yuan 1TB capacity WD Blue, for example, Sandisk nm TLC flash type, reading and writing aspects are in 500mb/s ability, as the main computer hard disk is indeed excellent, The inherent advantage of solid-state HDD 4K Random Read and write ability is not a cinch.

West number WD Blue SSD performance is quite decent

On the other side, in the Seagate Backup Plus Portable series, which is only about 300 yuan higher than the price, the speed of reading and writing of USB3.0 120mb/s is not slow for us, and can be fully satisfied under the premise of Having 5TB of huge capacity gives the impression that it is simply an artifact of storing data (especially photographers and cameramen).

So to speak, two types of products do not seem to interfere with each other, it is entirely to consumers. West Count Road is obviously because of their own slow start to rely on Flash di retrograde, and the era of early integration is kingly. Seagate itself is not without solid-state hard disk products, SAS interface Enterprise 1200.2 SSD almost not let the consumer market is familiar with, so it is not as good as on the basis of the mobile hard disk burst again, hoping to win praise and better sales. It seems that everything can go smoothly, but ultimately the performance of the mobile mechanical hard drive to maintain the market is really seen. I think it's good to make a profit change.

Consumers should also buy the west number Seagate?

After the analysis of a large wave of momentum, it is time for everyone to buy mobile storage products contributing. In fact, for the purchase of computer hard disk, mobile storage products, I feel that the big brands come and go on a few, generally not bad luck, no matter which is a good product, does not exist which product is particularly bad problem. If the whole machine to buy a hard drive, it is still recommended SSD to do the main plate and then use the traditional mechanical hard disk to do auxiliary disk feeling is more appropriate.

Main plate recommended order is Intel SSD, Toshiba SSD, SAMSUNG SSD, Sandisk SSD. The addition of WD blue and WD Green to the western data also depends on the final product performance to judge. But what if it's a pure mobile storage product?

Have the money to choose Intel: A type and a lattice

Toshiba V8 Canvio is the author thinks the comprehensive cost-effective products. Its appearance, performance, portability are very good, except the maximum capacity of only 3TB. The maximum capacity is certainly not as big as Seagate's new 5TB Backup Plus Portable, but you can buy two pieces to 6TB according to actual demand. The price is about the same as Seagate, and it has 1TB more capacity than it does.

Toshiba V8 Canvio Mobile Hard Drive

Whether it's Seagate or the west, their new product doesn't seem to have revolutionized the storage world. Just say that there is still a status of them, over the years has accumulated a lot of loyal fan users, the loss of the state may be a lot of people support. I wish they both could get out of the shadows as quickly as possible and regain their pride.


The traditional mechanical hard drive was dumped on speed and everyone thought it would be gone soon. However, we now see that the state is the major storage vendors have been working for the development of traditional mobile hard drive, the reason is very simple, that is, we can not afford solid-state hard drives. Although the West number is connected to the track, but the pricing of solid-state drives and the huge competition in the market determines that it can not stand out again and become a shining star. And Seagate believes that the market for mobile hard drives, the development of high-capacity medium-priced mobile mechanical hard drive may still be a war.

So the author finally still feel that the practice of Seagate is more suitable for the future development trend, after all, the price of solid-state hard drives are high, there is not much consumer-level users willing to accept low capacity high prices-they must feel that the sacrifice speed is not really anything, not just wait a few minutes.

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