How to choose the right wide inkjet printer

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Wide inkjet printer, so that users can be clearer and more vivid color and more accurate details, output larger size image of the printing equipment, the output effect of many traditional printing presses can not match. The wide inkjet printer device includes a small, inexpensive consumption model, as well as an expensive, specialized output in a business environment, suitable for different industries, and includes full-color documents, signage, posters, banners, drawings, and maps, among other things.

When the enterprise chooses the wide inkjet printer, it should be valued as an important asset of the enterprise. So how to choose a wide inkjet printer that works best for your business is an urgent issue to understand.

The choice of inkjet printer, the most important is the print head, a wide inkjet printer is the case. At present, the wide range of printers in the market, can be divided into the following three categories.

First, water-based Ink: The use of water-based ink inkjet printer, by water-based ink transmission speed, quality and reliability, suitable for the basic application of indoor printing, such as signs, backlit display posters and photographic works.

Second, solvent ink: These printers use ink, not water-based, such as piezoelectric inkjet printer, the use of oil or petroleum by-products such as acetone as a carrier of liquid as supplies, the resulting print works more waterproof and durable, often used for outdoor advertising, banners and so on.

Third, UV curing: Some piezoelectric inkjet printer ink is UV-curing (that is, when the ink exposed in the ultraviolet light dry), resulting in the printing works are waterproof relief effect, full of vitality. Used in plastic products and other non-porous base plate quality.

Although the wide range of inkjet printers on the market, but not necessarily suitable for their own enterprise applications, in addition to choosing the right type of printer, you should also consider the following factors.

One, the output size: Wide printing is the biggest feature of this type of printer, the market wide range of printers from 14 inches to 60 inches, and the length is almost unlimited. and 36-inch is usually the choice of professional design drawings, some customers may also need to output a 44-inch width, it is entirely dependent on your job requirements.

Second, the application: If the output of the file contains complex fine lines or small fonts, then you will need to be able to accurately and reliably and clearly print every detail of the printing system. 300DPI and 600dpi are the purest text file settings, while graphics and photo output require at least 600*1200 resolution.

Third, the media processing: If you need to use different size or type of media, then the choice of equipment is important to be able to access multiple media rollers, media flow load is the number that must be considered. Some printers provide the ability to read and work with another media stream while printing a stream of media. At the same time, it is also important that the printer is able to automatically organize and stack the output files when multiple user commands are loaded.

Iv. Print volume and Working Group efficiency: If your site produces bulk print or scan tasks, you must ensure that your printer chooses to keep up with your high-volume workflow. In larger workgroups, old print systems may have bottlenecks that hinder productivity. As more and more users use printers, waiting for large file processing and printing, print queue management, preventing errors, replacing supplies, tracking costs, and protecting sensitive files are issues that need to be addressed.

Five, multi-functional capabilities: multi-functional Inkjet printer To select the user printing, scanning, photocopying and other functional options, convenient and practical.

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