How to configure security of ActiveMQ?

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{Activemq.home}: the ACTIVEMQ installation folder.

How to configure ActiveMQ to use JAAS authentication? Enable Jaas Authentication Plugin

ADD below configuration into {activemq.home}\conf\activemq.xml, under/beans/broker node.

Ignore this step, if already there.

<plugins> <jaasauthenticationplugin xmlns= "Http://" configuration= " Activemq-domain "/>     </plugins>

Configure Activemq-domin

Configure the login required in {Activemq.home}\conf\login.config file, please pay attention the domain name should match With the name in the Activemq.xml file.

Activemq-domain {    Org.apache.activemq.jaas.PropertiesLoginModule required "" " ";};

ADD User

Configure the user and password in {activemq.home}\conf\


ADD User Group

Configure the user group in {activemq.home}\conf\

Reboot ActiveMQ

Reboot the ActiveMQ server.

How to change the default port of ActiveMQ? Configure the ActiveMQ ports

Go to the element of/beans/broker/transportconnectors, update the ports of below.

<transportConnectors><!--DOS Protection, limit concurrent connections to $ and frame size to 100MB-->< Transportconnector name= "Openwire" uri= "tcp://; wireformat.maxframesize=104857600 "/><transportconnector name=" AMQP "uri=" amqp:// maximumconnections=1000&amp;wireformat.maxframesize=104857600 "/><transportconnector name=" Stomp "uri=" stomp://;wireformat.maxframesize=104857600 "/>< Transportconnector name= "Mqtt" uri= "mqtt://;wireformat.maxframesize= 104857600 "/><transportconnector name=" ws "Uri=" ws://; wireformat.maxframesize=104857600 "/></transportconnectors>

How to change the Username/password of ActiveMQ Admin Console? Configure the user name and password

Update the user name, password and roles information in {activemq.home}\conf\ By the format, Username:password [, rolename ...]

Mqadmin:xckj_mqadmin, Adminmquser:xckj_mquser, user

How to configure security of ActiveMQ?

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