How to convert a DVD format to a phone format by a master of disc recording

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Have a favorite DVD video, computer look inconvenient, want to switch to the PSP, MP4, mobile phones, ipods at any time to see, using disc burning master to help you fix the video conversion!~!

First click on the "DVD extraction Video" feature under "Video Tools":

Open the optical drive, put in a DVD, the optical drive automatically scan.

If we want to extract a few clips, such as the 2nd and 4th headings, tick the small squares in front of them. The default is that the output file is a header file that you can tick before the "clip is merged into one file" option, so that all the selected headings are merged into one file.

We are trying to extract a fragment, all of which we click on the "Intercept" button above to intercept the settings.

Go to the Intercept Settings page, drag 2 sliders to easily set the start and end time to intercept, after the completion, click the "OK" button to exit the page.

After the interception setting is complete, click Next to enter the output Settings page. Manually enter the video parameters that you initially found (Figure 1). After setting, click Next to make video extraction.

The video clips on the DVD are successfully converted into MP4 format. Is it simple?

If you still don't know the video playback parameters that your phone supports. Then find a video that you can put on your phone (MP4 video from your phone), and turn on the disc burner.

We want to use the video file interception feature to view the video parameters that our player supports.

Click on video segmentation, add mobile phone support 3GP video (to see the MP4 video parameters, so that the converted video can be in your phone perfect play), you can see the relevant video attribute information. Remember them, the converted video format is these.

Figure 6 getting the player parameters

Suppose we get a parameter that is


Encoder: MPEG4

Resolution: 320x240

Code rate: Kbps

Frame rate: Fps


Encoder: MPEG4AAC

Channel: 2 (Stereo)

Code rate: Kbps

Sample rate: 44100 HZ

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