How to convert MTS format to DVD video files

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During the trip, a large number of HD videos were saved in MTS format, and the MTS video format was not universal, causing trouble for post-processing and video storage because it was suitable for cameras to store high-definition video quality. In general, the MTS file to save High-definition video volume is large, leading out of the disk space to occupy a lot of, and from the point of view of easy playback, many people often choose to convert MTS format to DVD. To implement the MTS video format file conversion DVD It takes two steps, first, to convert the MTS format into a DVD video format file, and then burn the DVD video file to a DVD disc using a computer's burning optical drive. With a general understanding of the above process, we can start the next operation.

The first step, how do we convert the MTS format to DVD video files? It is easy to download the special MTS format conversion software, which is the most popular proprietary MTS format conversion software. The Home MTS format conversion software can convert MTS video files into a variety of common formats, including DVD video format, and these formats are all preset in the software output format, the user simply click to select one can be simple and practical. As long as the MTS video file into the software, you can easily convert to the desired video format, and can also be converted between these common formats to meet the user's arbitrary format requirements. As a special tool for MTS format conversion, the software also joins the MTS video merge, video clips, text addition and other auxiliary functions in the process of helping users implement MTS format conversion, and supports simultaneous processing to save user time.

Second, after converting the HD MTS video into a DVD video format through the private MTS format conversion software, the next step is to complete the DVD disc burning operation. To ensure that the computer has support for DVD burning features CD-ROM, put a blank DVD disk, many users have already used the Win7 system, because the Win7 system with DVD burning function so no need to download additional burning software; If you use XP, download and install a Nero. Use the Media Center Windowsmediacenter of the Win7 system to open a DVD format file that has already been turned on, and then you can find the DVD burning feature successfully.

Even if the first DVD burning users do not have to worry, as long as the Win7 to follow the instructions to easily complete the burn, you will find from the MTS video to the final DVD disc the whole process is not difficult, you can also become a master of video production.

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