How to cook at home through supply chain management?

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At present, our team is doing the supply chain collaborative decision-making system (hereinafter referred to as Heluo, take the river Luo intersection, River Graph Luo book meaning), positioning is equivalent to a planning, control and decision engine, through the carefully selected system (add up equals ERP), and look forward to through the data optimization strict selection of business and supplier manufacturing, Through the global vision and data to optimize the business, by proposing constraints (such as supply chain surplus "customer value-supply chain cost" maximization), through the proposed hypothesis (i.e. demand planning), to analyze the decision, and finally input can update the revised current optimal solution (i.e., supplier preparation, batch storage, about the vehicle delivery, replenishment, arrival, Warehousing and logistics scheduling and other plans)

Because of the complexity of the process, here is an example of the popularization of a small transformation, to help you understand what the Heluo project team is doing, what to do, but also to help you better entertain the guests to dinner at home.


One evening in Friday, 袁鸣 suddenly came home from work six o'clock, and said: "Dear Super Super, evening birthday Brother Liang brother they want to come home to eat." This time I came home specifically, with the latest learning of the concept of the river system to help you complete our dinner, the banquet into a plan for the feast. You see, I have been in the river to make a demand plan (what time, what dishes, the amount of food), and has automatically calculated the lead time of the dishes, dinner 10:30 in the evening, we do together, according to the replenishment program tips, 6:30 before the start of the complete ready. "(note here 袁鸣 and Super Super is the manufacturer of the dish, and we are currently order to the manufacturer)

Super super: "That is very good, home is your space, I am the master, your production plan is what kind of dishes, what time to do?" ”

袁鸣: "The guests came around 10:30, and it was best to eat at 12 o'clock." Dishes are: cold dish platter, sweet and sour pork loin, West lake vinegar Fish, Kung pao chicken, steamed crab, fried rice slices, these are your specialty dishes, you can see? "Super Super:" No problem, look at me! "袁鸣: I have deposited these dishes in the BOM. Next, let me use the BOM to expand the method, to see what dishes are needed. Specific materials are: Carp A, crab a catty, lean 1 pounds, chicken half catty, a bag of rice crust, 1 bottles of white wine, tomatoes 5, eggs 10, seasoning a number, see, this is the material demand plan. I have put everything in our refrigerator in the Inventory module, let me see how much inventory .... You also need to buy fish, crabs, 6 eggs, 5 tomatoes, a bag of salt, rice crust and so on.

袁鸣 the data into the procurement module, began to conduct supplier comparison query, said: Fish should go to the free market to buy, crab East supermarket The cheapest, eggs are the best in the shop across the street, and in accordance with economic batch of eggs buy 12 the best, rice crust and salt at least one bag, fish buy a catty and half a piece of the best ... Look, the purchase plan (material) already has, just take this to buy it.

Ultra-Super According to the plan, compared to the next 袁鸣 credit card balance, through the purchase cost and quantity calculated the purchase budget: "This month you spend the rest of the money, you can not always bring colleagues to eat, this economic bulk buy eggs, next time to take two tomatoes to the product manager scrambled an egg on the line." ”

This time 袁鸣 is very annoying procurement budget control, but think, please product Manager dinner really not much necessary, budget controlled or relatively good, save money can be used to buy more delicious dishes to entertain bright elder brother of their high-priced users.

Super Super immediately set out, soon to buy the things back. 袁鸣 the price of the number of records, do a quality record qualified after the warehousing-put in the refrigerator. How much money will be spent on a sum of cash into the financial module, immediately statistics of the purchase amount, material cost information.

Now the time is only 6 o'clock in the afternoon 20, the feast all ready to complete, high efficiency. 袁鸣 proudly said, look, the power of ERP show it? Now the workflow is in accordance with the most advanced management concepts, the most scientific and reasonable, always or more to buy the remaining, or on the shortage, now fully in accordance with the demand for procurement, is really very different.

Ultra-Super also said, ERP is better than the manual, the previous ledger is always messy, now clear much. However, the matter is not finished yet, what to do next? The bosses come 10:30, what time do they start cooking? The food was cold and the time was too late. 袁鸣 said, this is equivalent to production scheduling, the current Heluo has not done this piece, this is your workshop specific implementation of things Ah, you used to cook how to do, which work should be in advance how long time to start, which is the bottleneck resources, you should have experience. But the super-super a little bit, never been asked in such a short time to do so many dishes. A total of 4 hours is required for all the cooking processes to be added together. Carefully calculate, home has three gas stove, just can fire at the same time, put on three pots: fryer, steamer, Wok. Super Super One person at the same time to cope with three pots no problem, each dish preparation of raw materials process also need a person, 袁鸣 can serve, so, a lot of work can be done at the same time, should be used more than 4 hours shorter than the completion of the period. But how do you start with so much work? Is it a dish to do? Or is it a two-way job? Can you do it with three courses? The key resource for this dish is the steamer, the other is the frying pan, and several dishes are mixed together. Who knows? What is the lead time of each process? What is the key path? 袁鸣 can not say why.

At this time, Kyung-ju called, and asked when to eat, we go back to work overtime. 袁鸣, who is worrying about it, says 1 hours. This is not to give the customer a delivery commitment? Have you finished 1 hours from the start of the cooking? Super super more anxious. At this time Wang Yu call again, ask the evening can ask a few product manager to eat, just do two dishes? This time also to ask for demand, not more trouble. Super Super said: No, no, you go out to eat!

In order to ensure the duration, avoid the trouble of delaying default, super-super decision, immediately start to dry ...

A few days later, 袁鸣 started the operation of the ERP banquet. The main problems summarized are as follows:

First: The crab and fish bought early, it was alive, the results to cook when the time has died 1 hours, the taste is not good.

Second: There are a few hot dishes made early, waiting for the guests to come on is a cold dish.

Third: There are vegetables too late, in order to wait for the last meal everyone empty sitting for half a day, the process is obviously unreasonable arrangement. Even back to the company overtime also delayed.

In short, in front of all the management links are smooth, the final production process is unsatisfactory.

But super super very wronged. So many dishes, originally together to do to use 2 hours, the final compression into 1.5 hours to finish, has not been easy, the food is late, but the kitchen has been busy it; want to eat early, only early to do, vegetables will inevitably cool; fish and crabs died, your purchase plan where there are several points to buy fish and crab tips. Your ERP dinner was scheduled for 1 hours, but why didn't the ERP tell you that 1 hours is not finished at all?

袁鸣 was speechless and began to think about it. He knows that these problems are inherently the result of an MRP defect in the core of ERP production management, but the product manager did not tell him in advance. MRP itself is aimed at the material demand planning, and can not meet the limited resources and a variety of constraints under the production schedule. There is no job schedule, where is the material requirement plan for precise time? What to do, 袁鸣 through the help of Wang Peng and self-study, found only the opposite of MRP, that is APS.

Finally, Ping elder brother also take product manager to eat, after confirmation, this time besides Wang Yu, Zhaohuachang also have little elder sister. 袁鸣 feel to be well prepared, again and super Super request and approval through more than tomato scrambled eggs after the budget decision, in addition to the same time and food, 袁鸣 also want to show the real technology, can also try new methods of efficiency. But what is the difference between the APS and the last MRP feast?

袁鸣 first to do each dish of the whole process, with what resources, materials, how long, logical relationship, etc. are entered into the APS module respectively.

Let's take the real technology example:

"BOM structure has been built, it is easy to fix!" "APs clear answer: When should fish should be used, the crab a catty when to use, the other various materials are how many, a few points need to start each process several times the end, how many free time in the middle, which process is the key process. Yes, even cold dishes must be placed for a period of time to install the plate, the fillet must be fried after 2 minutes to start the fried sweet and sour pork loin, fried rice crust must immediately fry the details of the exactly. Then is there a resource in conflict ah, two people in turn to check the dish, steamer, fryer, frying pan, each resource is arranged very compact work, are finished a process and then began to do another, interlocking, no mess. This is the real "resource plan". Two people sigh, early know that there is such a short time to complete the method of the last how to do so!

At this time, ping brother called to ask the Times, 袁鸣 readily answer: one hours to fix! Uncle Climbing also called to ask the evening add a dish: Please new little sister eat fried meatballs soup, into it? This is a very difficult dish, first pinch meatballs, then fry, and finally make soup, a few processes add up time to more than half an hour. 袁鸣 Insert this dish in APS and forget it. It soon came to a conclusion: at an appropriate time to start the dish, make full use of the resources of the idle, the entire process increased only 11 minutes.

袁鸣 suddenly thought, I now the fish and crab demand time has been accurate to the second. This time I can directly request fresh daily (with the quality of the demand of suppliers) to me, they have this service content, I do not have to buy their own, then the fresh fish and crabs on time to come directly into the kitchen, does not occupy inventory, even the refrigerator does not need to use. That is to say, I put my production plan and external logistics fully integrated, this is not the formation of SCM (supply chain Managent) supply chain. It seems to be the premise of SCM is that you have to have a precise sales operation plan, or external logistics on time also useless. And the time to give my products to customers is also accurate to the second, can meet their same requirements. In this way, the whole chain can not be achieved at the same time to achieve efficient production, the maximum reduction in inventory. The very advanced SCM now looks so simple.

The next day, product managers are talking about yesterday's banquet, but the focus is not the most 袁鸣 proud of the efficiency of the increase, but the sugar-mixed cucumber, really terrible.

background knowledge supplement and noun explanation:

Enterprise Resource Planning,erp is an information system that reflects the actual operation of the enterprise, and each resource in the enterprise naturally has corresponding software module in ERP system. Using system concept to look at enterprise resources, Enterprise is a system. The system is composed of input, processing and output, the system must conform to the environment, the entire ERP system is in the simulation of the enterprise, the actual system, according to the system status and the changes in the environment to propose a method of adaptation, or according to the system and the environment to determine the future of the strategy can be taken.

The students who have done the mould-making can be understood as the simulation experiment system.

Material Demand Planning (Material requirement PLANNING,MRP), refers to the product structure at all levels of the subordinate and quantitative relationship, with each item as the plan object, with the completion period as the time benchmark inverted plan, According to the length of lead time, it is a kind of material planning management mode in industrial manufacturing enterprises.

That's what I said before, super Super Girls want a bike before birthday, super super need to buy wheel chain to assemble.

Bill of Material, BOM, BOM, a list of components required for a product, and a composition structure, which is a complete combination of the sub-parts required to produce a product and the number of parts in its product.

BOM is the most basic information of ERP, PDM (product data Management), MRP and other system software.

APS Advanced Planning and scheduling (planning and scheduling) is a solution to production scheduling and production schedule issues, often referred to as sequencing issues or resource allocation issues.

In the discrete industry, APS is to solve multi-process, multi-resource optimization scheduling problem, and in the process industry, APS is to solve sequential optimization problems. It is important to minimize the critical chain and cost time of project management and project manufacturing by simultaneously solving sequence and scheduling optimization problems for both process and discrete hybrid models.

The main goal of APS is the overall optimization of an indicator. This requires pre-assumptions about the structure of the supply chain and its various resource and boundary conditions (such as capacity constraints) that must be visible. In fact, the APS tool is based on a cross-organizational model of the supply chain. This is the reason why APS is becoming more and more important now in digital manufacturing.

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How do I cook at home through supply chain management?

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