How to crack a computer password

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Method One, if is the ordinary account password forgets, the premise is not to lose the system password case. Then in the computer boot, and then the system to jump to the landing interface, immediately hold down the Ctrl+alt key, and then in a row click del key two times. So the computer will soon have a new interface. Then enter the "administrator" into "the user of the administrator." Then you need a password on the user account above the control Panel.

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Method Two, of course, if the computer administrator's password is forgotten, you can use the following method. First find a system disk XP system disk. First put the switch on the optical drive, and then set the system to boot, an interface hit enter, and then press the "R" button on the next screen to repair the installation. After the repair installation is complete, the computer will be restarted automatically.

The system enters the interface of the installation system. When the "Installing Devices" progress bar appears in the lower-left corner, press the key combination "SHIFT+F10" immediately. A command Prompt window will appear in front of us. This is the key to cracking the code. Then enter the "lusrmgr.msc" command at the command prompt to confirm the return this will open the hungry "Local Users and Groups", find the Administrator account above, select "Set Password", there will be a warning window, if you feel that the warning does not constitute a threat to yourself, then click "Continue" And then enter the new password can be modified to complete. Then continue to complete the shutdown installation, so that the Administrator account is opened.

Method Three, if it is CMOS password forgotten, then directly to the motherboard battery down, and then in a few minutes loaded up and can be.

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