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For internet companies, a good user experience is especially important. Recently, the community of technical experts to the current situation of domestic and foreign internet companies to address this issue in-depth discussion.


For any product, usability is greater than ease of use. In other words, the user experience is important, but not the most important, the most important thing is that users feel useful. We can see that many products are very difficult to use, and even have to go through a special study to use, but because it is good to meet the usefulness of the user is still very popular (such as cars and all instruments). The ease of use of products has only begun to be valued in recent decades, initially in the software industry.

Why in the long process of product design, manufacturing history, people have been less attention to ease of use? Because of the relatively high technological threshold of traditional industrial products, less similar products (compared to Internet products), usually need to purchase after use, resulting in high user betrayal costs. For example, if you buy a car, even if the driving experience is not good, usually you will choose to adapt to this bad driving experience, rather than buy another car. Therefore, for traditional products, as long as the usefulness of good enough to cause users to buy behavior, business objectives are achieved, do not have too much consideration of usability problems.

But for Internet products, the same products are numerous, similar functions, free use, user betrayal cost is very low (just re-enter a URL, the most re-register). In other words, the usefulness of the same time, everyone's focus on the competition is ease of use, which is the Internet products so much attention to the user experience reasons.

As for how to create a good user experience this is a systematic and huge problem, a large amount of related works, a time difficult to elaborate. Here are some simple generalizations:

Don't let the user do unnecessary thinking. There is a book called "Don't Let Me think", is a lot of people to experience the Bible, often said: "Our products pure fool operation, do not let users think." "This understanding is one-sided, the user's thinking is divided into necessary thinking and unnecessary thinking, good products are to avoid users to do unnecessary thinking, focus on the necessary thinking." For example, a photographic product, how to frame, composition is the user's necessary thinking; As for the picture button where, how to press this is unnecessary thinking. Good photographic products should let the camera button at a glance, easy to operate, so that users focus on the framing composition.

Logical. Whether the product operation process, interface layout should be logical, so that users can operate naturally, without the need for specialized learning.

Interactive and friendly. For example, as far as possible to reduce the possibility of user misoperation while allowing users to make mistakes, the prompt should be as clear as possible, the button area should be appropriate, color contrast not too dazzling.

Lin hai

Usability and beyond the utilitarian user experience is the two main directions. The latter's future development is more promising. With the interest driven similar user experience is entertainment to death. Entertainment to death is to enhance the user experience the greatest enemy. Quora this kind of website will be more, but Quora is still biased to practicality. More sensitive and close to people's inner needs of the site will gradually rise.

Big cat

I personally have three superficial generalizations about the relationship between user value and user experience:

The user value and the user experience are relative. BEIJING-East relative to the electrical stores, the user value can be fully reflected: because Jingdong cheaper. But Jing Dong relative to Su Ning is easy to buy or Cuba, Ishun, the user value embodiment degree is very low. The relativity here is more than that, there are time and environment factors, television in the past more than 20 years, the user value is huge, is our access to information, one of the few channels, but with the rich media, the TV's user value can not be fully reflected (even if the TV is beautiful, remote control again intelligent, Brainwave remote control: Less and fewer people watch TV.

For any company (not just internet companies), the user value of its products is greater than the user experience, must be first to realize user value, around the value of users and then realize the user experience. For example, website Rotten, tens of thousands of users to squeeze the head to buy tickets, the three-inch small fire ticket is the extreme performance of user value, and its Web site is another extreme performance of user experience.

User value and user experience in certain environments, the "User value = User Experience" is equated. Assuming that the electrical price of Jingdong is the same as that of the electric store, but buy in Jingdong can get "door-to-door" "delivery", "door-to-door return" user experience, so that users feel more direct purchase, more convenient, in this case, the user to buy the East Jingdong is to achieve the "convenience" of the value, A good experience also realizes the value of his users.

In the Internet world, there are several different situations that are common:

User value can not fully reflect, more rely on user experience to win. In the current Chinese Internet environment, almost all channel-like electric dealers are this type. For example, selling 3C products in Jingdong, when, Suning easy to buy, Cuba, Ishun, cat and so on in 3C products with each other almost no differences, early its user value is relative to the traditional home appliances hypermarket: cheaper, more convenient. But for the needs of Internet users, buy a Sony camera in any of these sites, we can only rely on price fine-tuning, a small number of customer loyalty strategy and small differences in the after-sales service to slightly achieve the user value of the promotion. So, in the internet thousands of SKUs, how to let users quickly find the product, how to facilitate the next single payment, such as around the user to buy feelings of research, it became the power of the product managers of the main focus of energy. This site lifts a few chestnuts, for example, Ctrip, the price of hotel reservations on the internet is basically transparent, the difference is very small; but Ctrip is a fast customer service response, accurate service flow and so on these can greatly enhance the user experience of the behavior, and ultimately successfully transformed into user value; some weather apps in mobile terminals , the data is not your own, everyone is the same, call the weather data is very easy, that PK who experience more let users wow (of course there are marketing factors, but we only discuss the product level). If your Internet project is a similar situation, the user experience is largely the main battleground of your product work.

Full realization of the user value, the user experience icing on the cake. Non-channel class of its own products electric dealers (such as Taobao's own clothing brand sellers), a well-known Internet community, some companies to customer-oriented official website, a number of tool-class mobile terminal app are in this category. This does not eliminate the explanation, the user buys you/uses you to be directed to you satisfies his demand to come, and you through a very good user experience design, let him very smooth and very cool to achieve his user value, such as mobile applications of Che's mobile phone purchase tickets, in this stage of the market, the realization of user value, compared to buy in the cinema much cheaper, At the same time the application of the design and purchase process is relatively smooth, user experience is good. But with the intervention of the QQ movie ticket (and other similar applications), Guevara's user value will begin to blur, need to find a new way to realize the user value.

Full realization of the user value, the user experience is very bad. This is a lot of examples, is a classic case ah .... But if implements 2nd, that would be great.

So, we see that the user experience in the Internet product, is very important, if there is a good product, can help greatly enhance its user value, if there is no good (or difference) products, good user experience is a "product differentiation" a means, and even have the opportunity to seek a breakthrough in value.

Jiang Jianbo Kant

For the first category of products, that is, users need relatively simple products, iOS under a user experience very good E-book reader is very suitable as an example, called Tang Cha program. Li Ru, director of the Tang Cha program, is a man who desperately pursues details and is extremely rigorous about the experience, thinking that the user experience is the basic thing and has spent a lot of effort to optimize the details of the electronic reading experience.

E-Reading is a typical user needs very clear area, user demand is very simple, is reading, bookmark, take notes, even take notes are not necessarily a function. There are many reading tools in the field of electronic reading, mobile end of the Ireader, handheld College, QQ reading and so on, the user needs simple, product homogeneity more serious products, due to a few products can do things, can provide users of the subject value is similar, users are usually added value, That is, the user experience to choose the product. Lee's personality characteristics (the pursuit of details) just determines that he is particularly suitable for the field of work, his character so that he can feel the most before the electronic reading to the user's pain, to solve the poor product experience brought to the user's several major pain points.

Another kind of product is the user needs more complex, and even changeable products. such as watercress, such as QQ, such as micro-blog, here, for example, watercress. Watercress is not necessarily a user experience how good products, but there are countless levels of the Ashes to keep the user. These users are guarding, is the product of the main value, only watercress this product can meet their needs.

Watercress such products, user demand complex and changeable, difficult to accurately ponder, I am afraid who can not say that they have an insight into the watercress user's all the needs (including the north), it is therefore, a northern part of the time before receiving the Geek Park, said, "Watercress does not pursue user experience, watercress is the pursuit of user value." User experience is good, the user is very cool, but if the day he felt that the product is useless, immediately will not use, and the user value will not be so. "Watercress complex user needs, so that the product manager of watercress forever fall in the user needs to transform endless vortex, the main focus is on the study of the user needs than before what changes, product design how to optimize and improve the corresponding. This is really what they should do, otherwise if a careless, user demand has changed without self-knowledge, it is easy to lose users. will be satisfied with the needs of users, providing sufficient user value, it is not afraid of users go, because this time or only watercress can meet the needs of users, other products do not imitate the essence. Of course, the product designers should at least ensure that the product is available to ensure a basic user experience.

Therefore, product managers, product designers should do is to accurately see the characteristics of their products, understand the user needs are clear, whether complex, changeable, and the corresponding trade-offs and choices. In fact, such as watercress, QQ, micro-bo Such a user demand is very complex, volatile products are not many, the vast majority of products are relatively simple and clear demand. This is why most of the best product managers at the moment are Misting the user experience, because the value of the products they provide has been basically determined, and the user needs have changed little (of course, the pursuit of the user experience will not be more relaxed).

Silent Meditation

Products easy to use is to attract users, ease of use is to retain users. Now similar products are more, a bad use he can change other, in fact, the user's request is very low but also very high. In the eyes of users, the product is only a tool, as long as it will not make him annoying or difficult to use, he will generally continue to use, and users will be in the product search for their own functions or details of things, often this part is not easy to meet. User experience the earliest contact with the user, it is when users learn how to use this product, whether it is useful or not, and how easy it is to stay on, and I think that don ' t makes me feel it is important to say, for a good user experience, quotes are saying, The best user experience is to make the user feel that you are not there.


Zhou Hongyi's argument: "Now, Internet companies are starting to focus on product managers, which is a good thing." Before the Internet talk about financing, business model, talk about strategy, rarely talk about products, because products can be copied from abroad, who will be able to get the first mover advantage. Now, the Internet's capital is no longer a problem, the speed of plagiarism is just as fast. This time, the Internet competition is who can better understand the needs of users, than who can make better products than others. ”

Chen Liang

In the law of the Internet, only the first, no second. Lack of core competitiveness and replication will inevitably lead to user betrayal cost reduction, you must pay attention to the user experience, that is, the ease of use of products, or in the market efforts to obtain high market share to change the user habits, thereby increasing the cost of betrayal.

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