How to Create a refresh to make your Rom more personalized

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How to Create a refresh to make your Rom more personalized

It's fun to brush the machine. You only know it when you brush it! Of course, preparation is essential. How can we make personalized feedback? I believe that many people are still worried about the problem of Rom production. In fact, the production method is very simple, so let's take a look at it and easily create a brush set to make your Rom more personalized.

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We want to download a rom package suitable for the model and a third-party production tool, such as the mushroom Rom Assistant (if there are other better tools available)


1: Open the mushroom Rom assistant. You can select "system simplification", "performance optimization", "unpack IMG", "pre-install APK", and "pre-install lib ", "Rom/APK signature", "system beautification", and "Information Modification" functions. First, we can enable the "system simplification" function, select the downloaded Rom package, and wait until loading is completed, we can clearly see which software is pre-installed and system software in the original Rom package, and we can delete those pre-installed software that are not needed.


2: "built-in pre-installed" built-in APK to Rom package, select the APK file you want to add, one click to add


3: "performance optimization": Enable performance optimization. You can select the battery performance, accurate GPS, boot time, camera optimization, and touch optimization options as needed, sliding sensitivity, optimized GPU rendering, and improved JPG Quality

4: Similarly, ROM/APK signatures, information modification, and system beautification are all silly operations.


5: After everything is complete, we can encapsulate the Rom. After the ROM encapsulation process is complete, the ROM flushing will be successful.

How to Create a refresh to make your Rom more personalized

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