How to create an OS X lion boot USB flash drive and use a USB flash drive to install the system

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Many people purchase the latest OS lion in the Apple App Store ). However, some problems are found after the upgrade, such as: the boot and shutdown speeds are obviously slow, and someProgramStop the response. Now, the Forum's fengyou mb702ll will introduce how to create and start a USB flash drive after purchasing OS X lion from the App Store to completely install the operating system and avoid problems after upgrading from the old system.

Note:This method is suitable for users who need to install a new MAC system. The system will not retain any settings and data. After the system is installed, the status is the same as that of the system when you just purchased the Mac, and all the settings need to be reset.

First, the OS X lion downloaded from the app store will be placed in the dock at the bottom of the screen.

Drag the Mac OS X lion 10.7 file from the dock to the desktop.

Right-click Mac OS X lion 10.7 and select "show Package content ".

In the "contents" folder, go to the "sharedsupport" folder and find the "installeso. DMG" file.

Double-click the "installesd. DMG" file and wait until the load is completed.

Start the finder and go to "application"-"utility"-double-click "disk tool ".

Insert a USB flash drive (at least 8 GB ). Click the USB flash drive name, select "partition", and select "1 partition" in the partition layout option. We recommend that you use the number "1" and select "Mac OS extension (Log Type)" in the format) ", and then enter" option ".

Select "guid Partition Table" for the partitioning scheme ". Click "OK" to return to the partition page, and click "application" to partition and format the USB flash disk.

After the USB flash disk is formatted, select "Restore. Drag the formatted USB flash drive "1" to the column on the right of the target disk, drag "Mac OS X install ESD" to the column on the right of the source disk, and click "Restore ".

In the displayed dialog box, click "erase ".

The file is being written into the USB flash drive. Note: The estimated time is related to the speed of the USB flash drive.

After starting the USB flash drive, the drive letter of the USB flash drive changes from "1" to "Mac OS X install ESD. You can use this USB flash drive to start and install the lion system.

Insert a USB flash drive and press the "option" Key To Go To The Boot page. Select "Mac OS X" to boot the system for installation.

After the USB flash drive is inserted, press the option key during boot. Enter the startup Item interface.

Select the yellow hard disk icon, Mac OS X, and click the up arrow to go to the next step.

Select the language of the operating system and click the right arrow.

Select the disk tool. The following steps completely erase the data in the previous hard disk.

Select the hard disk to be installed. By default, select the first hard disk and click "partition". We recommend that you select "1 partition" for the partition layout. The name does not matter, select "Mac OS extension (Log Type)" and click "application ".

In the displayed dialog box, click "partition ".

After partitioning, click the Red Cross in the upper left corner of the screen to disable the disk tool.

The system will return to the Mac OS X tool interface. Select "reinstall Mac OS X" and click "continue ".

Click continue on the confirmation page ".

On the software license agreement page, click agree ".

In the displayed dialog box, click "agree ".

Select the partition hard disk and click "Install ".

The system starts to prepare for installation.

After the system restarts automatically, the installation starts.

After the system is installed, it will automatically restart. The welcome page is displayed after the system is started. The subsequent operations are the same as those for the new Mac.

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