How to create and use a Word document on the ipad using the WPS mobile version

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Today's working friends are inseparable from mobile terminals, mobile phones, ipads are "machine", with iOS version of WPS Office software, business travel with the ipad office is very convenient. But to create and edit Office documents with the ipad, you must have some skills. Next, I'll teach you how to create and use a Word document on your ipad using the WPS Mobile version!

If you are an ipad user, to create and edit documents on the ipad, first login to the App Store to install WPS Office, after the run to create a new Word document, just click on the bottom of the "new", and then select the Doc template, this creates a blank Word document, and automatically switch to edit mode, this time you can enter text content through the virtual keyboard.

In WPS Office editing mode, ipad users can edit content as they would on a PC, including text input, editing text and paragraphs, and inserting pictures, such as pointing at the beginning of what you want to enter, displaying the "drip" cursor and entering text, inserting a picture or text box, All operations can be done easily by touching the fingers.

If you want to read or edit an existing Word document, simply load it in the prepared "native documents" or "network disk." When you open a Word document, WPS Office defaults to read mode, and clicking the Pencil icon in the upper-right corner switches to edit mode, where the ipad user can modify the Word document.

Experience found that, whether reading mode or editing mode, WPS Office on the IOS7 platform to support multi-touch operations, such as two fingers can enlarge or shrink word page, zoom action is also gorgeous, well-designed page is very beautiful, reasonable layout, while in the "Save" Under the menu provides the screen brightness adjustment, the design is very humanized.

When you create and edit a Word document, many ipad users are not proficient in the use of WPS Office, in fact, the use of the method is very simple, such as to select text, just double-click on the text above, there are 2 "water droplets" icon, respectively, drag them can select the text content, selected to delete, copy, Cut and so on, you can also the upper right corner of the "Settings" icon, and then the actual need to edit the selected text, change the font size, color, font style, etc., easy.

Of course, if you want to edit some of the paragraphs in your document, you can also select the paragraph content in the same way, double-click from the beginning, and hold down and drag to the end. Then go to the paragraph setup item and rearrange the paragraph as needed, such as alignment, style, and so on. If you want to insert a picture in a Word document, position the cursor where you want to insert it, select the plus sign in the upper-right corner of the WPS office, and then select the picture you want to add.

After you insert a picture, the selected picture can also be edited, such as moving the position, rotating, and setting the picture properties, which is similar to the picture on your PC that is edited in Word, except that it's easier to edit it on the ipad with WPS Office. Because all the operations are done with the finger on the screen, it will work faster and experience better.

Write in the end: For workplace users, the iOS version of WPS is their best mobile Office tool, new page design, new practical features and reading and editing dual mode, to the ipad users to the ultimate reading and fluent editing experience, and through the above explanation, you will not learn to use WPS on the ipad Office to create and edit Word documents!

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