How to crop pictures with Win7 drawing tools

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Talking about the modification of pictures, many users may be the first time to think of the use of PS software to deal with, to adjust the picture size, picture add text, picture cutting time, you will also use PS software? In fact, these functions we can through the Win7 system in the drawing tool to complete, in the system with the tool, supporting the image of the cut , duplication, size adjustment, and rotation, and many other common processing functions, here Small series for you to introduce the details of the next Win7 drawing tools to cut the image of the method!

Operation method

1. First, the user through the drawing tool, open you need to deal with the picture, in the tool interface, click the "Select" button, the default is "rectangular selection" way, of course, you can also choose from the "Select" Drop-down menu select "Free graphic selection."

2. After you complete your selections, you can see that the crop button in the Image feature group has become available.

3. Click this button to see that the content you have just selected has been automatically pasted into the new canvas.

Through the above method, we can use the Win7 system under the cutting function, is not very simple, for the want to extract a specific position in a picture, we can use this method to cut it!

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