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DW4 has also been unveiled for quite some time, and many thoughtful new features have made designers excited for ages. One of the more notable is the new assets panel. Efficiency is important as a web designer, and DW4 asset allows you to manage resources across the site in a unified way. This eliminates the pain of repeated searches and can multiply efficiency. DW4 New Assets Panel is a new tool that can be used to manage files based on file patterns, such as pictures, templates, etc., when you define a new site, all types of components are automatically added to the appropriate table boxes in the asset panel. When we define a site, all of the above types of elements within this site will automatically be categorized in the assets panel, which is called the resource panel. In this assets panel, you can store your own set of pictures, links, flash movies, color tables, templates, and so on, to make up the assets of this site. Note that before using the resource panel, you must first define the site and generate a site cache file. And if the file size is large, the panel will take a short time to create a list of resources.

Let's take a look at how to use the DW4 assets panel to customize your own color table.

First, we click "Window"-"Assets", or press the "F11" key. The assets panel is open. The 9 buttons on the left side of the panel classify the elements in your site according to type, and when you click a button, the corresponding name appears at the top of the panel, with the name "site" and "FAVORITESG" two radio buttons next to it. Click the Color "Colors" button, the assets panel appears at the top of the colors typeface, as shown in Figure 1. With two options at the top, "site" and "Favorites", the resource panel can be used as a simple list of site resources and a collection of some personal favorites as a list of preference resources (Favorites list). Most of the operations for the site resource list and preference resource list are the same. If a color is selected, the color shades and the three-color corresponding code (RGB) for the hexadecimal value of the colors are displayed in the above window. If you want to reduce the number of colors used in the site, you can only add the desired color to the Favorites area in the assets panel, just turn the selected color back and click the button at the bottom right of the window (called "Add to Favorites" button).

In the site list, you can add colors to the list of preference resources (Favorites list). After selecting a color, click "Add to Favorites" in the lower-right corner of the panel, or click the right mouse button on the selected color and select "Add to Favorites". If you want to apply a color, drag the color directly to the text you have selected, you can also click on the lower left corner of the panel "apply."

In the list of preference resources (Favorites list), you can add new colors to your preferences in addition to the colors that are transferred from the site's colors. To do this, press the "New Color" button in the lower-right corner, or the "New color" option in the right mouse button. It does not matter, easy to remove, press the lower right corner button "Remove from Favorites", or the right mouse button "Remove from Favorites" option. If you want to apply a color, drag the color directly to the text you have chosen. You can also click "Apply" in the lower-left corner of the panel. At the same time provides the color clamp function, you can put the more commonly used or the same kind of color in a you named Good Color folder, easy to find. Add a new color clip, press the "New Favorites Folder" button in the lower-right corner, or the "New Favorites folder" option of the right mouse button to remove the same method as the color deletion method. At the same time you can make a nickname for a color you like instead of the original hexadecimal value of the color shading. Method is as simple as a normal file rename. You can also change the original color, directly double-click, pop-up Marquee. Or press the "Edit" button in the lower-right corner.

If you add some color to the site, do not worry about the resource panel's color list does not change immediately, click the "Refresh Site List" button, refresh the list of resources (because the resource list needs to be based on the DW's site cache file to read the list of files, So you need to refresh it so that the resource panel reads the data in the cached file again. Similarly, when refreshing a resource, a site cache file is required, and the resource panel displays a list of data that reads the cached file. Manually rebuild the site cache file: Press the mouse Control key (Windows operating system) or the Command key (Macintosh operating system) Click on the "Refresh site List" button at the bottom of the resource panel.


is actually that simple. OK, let's start working on your website color, and continue your Web trip, DW4 will make your job easier.

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