How to define variables and constants in the Smarty template

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Defining constants is very simple

The method is:

The code is as follows

{$smarty. Const. The constant name you define}

How do you define a variable?

Define variables in Smarty.

{* The following paragraph is equivalent to defining a variable within the template username*}

The code is as follows

{Assign var= "UserName" value= "Myz"}

A variable defined inside the template is shown here: UserName = {$UserName}


  code is as follows &nbs P;

<*assign var= "i" VALUE=0*>&NBSP;
<*foreach from= $r _article item=row*> 
   <div class= "Scont stecont<* $i *>" >&NBSP;
         <*foreach from= $row ITEM=R*>&NBSP
            <* $r [' title ']*><a href=] article.php? aid=<* $r [' id ']*> ' target= ' _blank ' > ' online reading </a> <a href= ' <* $r [' Attachment ']*> ' target= ' _blank "> Download" </a> 
            </li> &NBSP
    <* $i = $i + 1*> 


1, the template defines variables, examples are as follows: <{assign var= "I" value=0}> (note: I is integral type, so value=0, do not need to add double quotes, otherwise it will be judged as a string type).

Since foreach does not have a counter like for, it customizes a counter here, counts it in the loop, or does not define a variable in the template page, and when you include the template, a variable i comes in.

2, on the addition of Smarty, tried, Smarty does not support "+ +" (including variables before + +, variables after + +), "+ +" way, so add 1 or use "$i = $i +1" way.

Look at one more instance

The code is as follows:

  code is as follows &nbs P;

<!–{math equation=x x=0
Assign=i}–> <!–{section Smartyvar loop=10}–>
<!–{math equation= $i +1 assign=i}–>
<br/& Gt

Output Effect:


&l T;BR/>



Note: If $i's initial value is not 0, such as 1, the math equation=x x=1 assign=i can also be written as "math equation=1 assign=i", omitting the X variables. It's 0 o'clock, you can't save, or you'll get a warning message.

Warning:smarty error:math:missing equation parameter

Although it is not a good idea to assign a value to a variable in a template, you can try it the way you want it.

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