How to delete an existing Administrator Account

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The "Administrator" account is the Computer Administrator Account Created by default in Windows XP. After a new user account is created, a strange problem occurs when the computer is restarted. At this time, the "Administrator" disappears on the logon interface, and only the newly created account is available.
To retrieve the Account "Administrator", follow these steps.
1. In the select a task window, click Change User Logon or logout mode. The select logon or logout option window is displayed.
Select the "use welcome screen" and "use Quick User Switch" check boxes, and click the button.
2. restart the computer again. On the displayed logon page, enter the user name and password in the User Name text box and Password text box. If you do not have a password, click the button to successfully log on to Windows XP.
3. If you still want to log on to the system using the welcome screen and the user's quick switch interface, perform the following settings:
4. Select Start> Control Panel to open the control panel window.
5. Double-click the System Tools icon to open the Management Tools window.
6. Double-click the Computer Management icon to open the computer management window.
7. Click the icon in front of the local user and group option to expand it and select the user option. all user accounts are listed in the window on the right.
8. Right-click the user account to be deleted in the window on the right, for example, "123". Select the delete menu item from the shortcut menu that appears.
9. In the pop-up local user and group dialog box, click the button.
10. In the select logon and logout options window, select the use welcome screen and use user quick switch check boxes, and then click the button.
11. Restart your computer to display the welcome screen. In the Enter Password text box, enter the logon password and click the button on the right or press enter to log on to the system as the "Administrator" user account.
The above is the retrieval and deletion. Set the password as follows:
1. [Control Panel] Find the user account
2. Click the Administrator account icon.
3. Create a password

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