How to delete the Win7 Resource manager history

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Windows7 is becoming more and more powerful. The search function is also very powerful, but after searching the data, the search bar will leave a record, which may reveal personal privacy. So after the search, it is best not to keep the search records, so as not to leave trouble. But the biggest headache for us is that we watch how our search records are deleted. The following system of the small series to tell you how to delete the Win7 Resource manager history.

We can resolve this problem by manually modifying the WIN7 system Group Policy settings.

Let's first open the run, enter gpedit.msc and return, and open the local Group Policy Editor

Then click on: User Configuration-Admin template-windows component.

Under Windows Components, locate Windows Explorer, and then in the list on the right, find the "Turn off recent search entries in the Windows Explorer search box"

Double-click the "Close recent search entry display in the Windows Explorer search box", check "Enabled", and make sure you exit.

Tip: When you close a search record, you will not display the appropriate search suggestions when you search. In addition, if you need to remove the history from the Address bar, you can clean it by right-clicking the address bar and selecting the Delete History command from the shortcut menu.


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