How to deploy and operate the Enterprise Portal using OpenShare

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How to deploy and operate the Enterprise Portal using OpenShare

This blog is biased toward the overall portal deployment and operation of the Enterprise guide, is biased towards the overall management and planning, not for the end-user of the OpenShare software operating manual, the specific operation can be Youku watch related video.

Basic concept: website is openshare Carrier of the Enterprise Portal

Fundamentally, the basic carrier of the Enterprise Portal using OpenShare constructs is the website: documents, contacts, big data, processes, applications and so on all the content and functions are embodied through the website, such as:

    • A project team is collaborating by building a site that is dedicated to this project group based on the project site template, and then the project team members can collaborate on it.
    • The legal department wants to use electronic information as evidence, then set up a site based on the "Ediscovery Center" site template, and then someone with permission can search for content on Sharepoint,exchange and file servers in the enterprise.

and ordinary OA or some Enterprise Portal products only a Web site as a carrier, openshare structure of the Enterprise Portal is a clear-organized (tree-shaped structure) composed of a number of site hierarchy of the Enterprise Portal hierarchy system, that is, the extraordinary ease of use, but also has a powerful function.

Introduction to the concept of portal hierarchy sites

OpenShare Complete Enterprise Portal Hierarchy site system by the Enterprise Portal hierarchy site (group, corporate and departmental level three) + N-tier sub-site composition

Group, corporate and departmental level three Enterprise Portal hierarchy site

Group-level portals are the highest level, only one, and have been built after installation

Company-level portals under the group-level portal, there are two types: the company portal for the company itself, the company-level thematic portal corresponding to the company-level thematic site, such as the company's 10 anniversary.

Departmental portals are under the company portal, and there are two types: departmental portals for departments and departmental thematic portals for departmental-level thematic sites.

All portal hierarchy portals are clearly reflected in the main menu.

Group, company, and department three-level Enterprise Portal sites can be built with a dedicated OpenShare Enterprise Portal template (and, of course, with SharePoint native site collection templates), and the physical constructs of the portal hierarchy correspond to site collections within SharePoint.

Using the OpenShare Enterprise Portal template to build the portal home page layout can be free to change, no restrictions, while you can freely replace the theme (that is, the skin), OpenShare built-in 4 sets of theme, users themselves can also be unlimited customization of their own special theme.

The Enterprise Portal hierarchy is available with a wide selection of site collection templates, with nearly 20 built-in templates, such as OpenShare Enterprise Portal, document center, Records Center, Business Intelligence Center, ediscovery Center, Enterprise Search Center, publishing portal, workgroup, blog, Enterprise wiki, project site, product catalog, Community sites, PowerPivot sites, community portals, developer sites, base search centers, and more, in addition to the built-in site collection templates, users can customize their own templates, so theoretically, it's infinitely functional.

N Sub-site of the layer:

Group, company level, departmental level of Enterprise Portal under the hierarchy of sites, can be established sub-site, its physical structure corresponding to the SharePoint site, sub-site can also establish sub-site, just like the concept of sub-directory under the directory, and sub-directory is the concept of n-layer, Child sites are also n-tier.

Subwebs are also established through templates, unlike Enterprise Portal hierarchy sites, where subwebs cannot use the OpenShare Enterprise Portal template, but can use nearly 20 other built-in templates (similar to the site collection templates mentioned above), and of course, users can customize the site templates themselves.


Whether it is the Enterprise Portal hierarchy site, or sub-site, to set permissions, sub-administrators and users, set the extension of the Administrator is authorized, such as the group administrator authorized to employee A to become the administrator of Company A, in fact, it means: "Employee A, company A this portal operation You tube, you have full power ah, I am no longer in control of company A's portal operations, only the problem of the time to come to me.

"Site administrators do not need to be it, in fact, it is best not it, let business users themselves" is a very important guiding principle, OpenShare use is extremely simple, anyone after simple groping can be used, so that the "my site I" concept to implement, For example, the personnel Department of the Human Resources site by the personnel as the administrator, the sales department of the site from the sales department of the people when the administrator, their own departments of the most understand their business, so use up naturally most handy, and it also reduce the burden

Deployment steps

Build the portal hierarchy and authorization first:

    • For the group administrator, establish all company-level sites and set up the administrator (and then the company-level site is responsible for the operation of that person)
    • Then for a company-level administrator, set up all departmental sites and set up administrators (and then the department-level site's operations are the responsibility of that person)
    • In the same vein, and then set up a sub-site with the appropriate administrator
    • In this way, the entire portal hierarchy system is established, so that each site can be autonomous, while the overall management can be integrated

Reconfigure the Portal Hierarchy home page (group only, company level, departmental admin, child site administrator does not have to do this step)

    • The newly built Portal hierarchy homepage is blank
    • Make a homepage edit (the Settings button of the top bar go to the Settings page, then click the URL of the corresponding site layout), and then on the edit page by adding modify WebParts way to configure the homepage, we have the relevant video on Youku to refer to
    • The homepage is well-configured, on-line.

Further build content and down authorization (document library, contacts, calendars, subwebs .....) )

    • After the site carrier exists, is the specific content and specific functions, OpenShare is developed on the SharePoint, so all the SharePoint objects can be used, there are many kinds of things, the content is different, so completely look at the needs of various employees, so the administrator needs further authorization , the management or use of the object (document library, contact, sub-site) to the end user
    • On the bottom of the page, on the dark gray Dock, click the New button on the far left, then build what you want to build, set up the administrator after you've built it, and then you're done.
    • Manage banner in the Settings page, customize the main menu
    • Configure apps on the Settings page

Operational phase

integration, OpenShare is the real Enterprise Portal, is the real enterprise unique entrance, so to fully play its integration advantages

    • Integrate all applications in the enterprise, Application Center, enter application information in the settings-----Application Center, and input all application of enterprise
    • Integrate all documents in the enterprise, document Center, allow employees to upload documents, upload documents on their hard drive to the door, and then use online collaboration to edit document functions
    • Integrated enterprise search, Enterprise Search Center, set crawl, search all information in the enterprise
    • Integration of people, openshare default to each employee has set up a personal site, this personal site also associated with the enterprise microblogging, blog and other functions, in short, employees own site
    • Integration process, Process Center, OpenShare built-in OpenFlow, can support most of the workflow engine, not only support, but also can integrate the engine, switching engine (the specific development of the process is customized development, to consult the photosynthetic information)
    • Integration of data, you can refer to the OpenShare Big Data demonstration site, full use of tools such as Pps,powerview,excel service to do data analysis on the OpenShare (custom development of data can please contact information to help)
    • Integrate with a variety of other content, contacts, corporate calendars, resources (conference rooms, vehicles, equipment ...) )
    • Consolidated AD, File server
    • Consolidating Exchange Server
    • Consolidating Lync Server
    • Consolidating Project Server

Daily operations

    • Organize the data inside the ad, especially the "Manager" attribute, since the value of this property is set correctly, the organization structure of the enterprise is formed, can see the organization structure in various applications such as Openshare,outlook,lync
    • Revision, change theme, change the layout, make the homepage more beautiful (can let the photosynthetic information to help you do new theme)
    • Different periods, publish different pictures, and corporate information
    • Further assign permissions (sub-sites, repositories, picture libraries, document libraries, contacts, etc.) to employees so that employees can build their own web sites and resources to collaborate
    • At different specific times, on-line different thematic sites, such as the signing of special large orders, festivals, the company's special plan ...

Collaboration, OpenShare is a truly collaborative portal, and other most employees look at the main Enterprise Portal products are completely different, there are a lot of features to encourage employees to collaborate, so to give full play to their collaboration advantages

    • Encourage employees to operate their personal sites, encourage employees to collaborate with corporate Weibo, Wiki,blog, etc.
    • Encourage all employees, in different forms, on their own site collaboration, such as co-writing Solutions, co-editor sales pipeline ... In fact, the web version of Office in SharePoint is quite handy, most features can be done in the page, the key is to work together to edit the document, but also free

Here are some things you can do on your own, but you may not have to do it yourself, you can ask for professional light information to help

    • Customizing the theme needed for your business
    • Upgrade for SharePoint (OpenShare only supports SharePoint 2013 and later) and data migration
    • Custom development of specific approval processes (OpenFlow can support whatever your enterprise's Workflow engine is)
    • Custom development based on OpenShare, such as special task management, Conference Room management
    • OpenShare in a multi-tenant model to build a private cloud
    • Consolidate Office365 and openshare to build a hybrid cloud
    • and Exchange Server,lync Server, Project Server consolidation, or grooming ad within the enterprise
    • Lyncshell,lyncbiz and other software developed on-line photosynthetic information, and integrated with OpenShare
    • Training for Openshare,sharepoint
    • Maintenance and technical support of Openshare,sharepoint

How to deploy and operate the Enterprise Portal using OpenShare

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