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How Photoshop Designs a shiny WordArt tutorial, the idea of this effect is to create a nice calligraphy font from a layer style. In addition, we went through the process of creating a stripe pattern. The purpose of this tutorial is to teach you some techniques that can be applied to your work, not just how to get the design results, I believe this design is just an example to show you. Now it's time to see how you can use it flexibly. Look at the effect chart first.

Step 1

Open Photoshop, create a new document, I use a 1920x1200 pixel size. Then fill the background with a dark #1f1e1e.

Step 2

Select the background layer, go to layer > Layer style > Gradient overlay. Select Gray (#707070) and white. The blending mode changes to a multiply, 60% opacity. The style is radial. Make sure the white is in the middle. You can see that the edges of the image darken after you use a positive overlay. I applied the gradient through the layer style because I wanted to add a filter to the layer later, and then I could try a different color.

Step 3

Now go to filter > Noise > Add Noise. Use 2%, Gaussian distributions and make sure you have a single color selected. Adding noise to a gradient is great because it makes the gradient more subtle.

Step 4

Let's add the text. We need a calligraphy style font, I'm using Champignon, you can download it from First enter abducted.

Step 5

Now enter "by" directly below "abducted". I'm using a different font, "Champignon Alt S ..." and you can download it from The position of the letters refer to the following figure and try to connect the letters like "Bs".

Step 6

Enter the word "design". So that the end of "Y" is connected to "D", the letter connection is very important, otherwise the effect will not play a good role.

Step 7

To make the effect more appealing, let's add some spinning patterns. This is similar to my previous pattern tutorial. But basically, we're going to import a pattern element and put it in front of "a." I'm using Shutterstock, where you can download download it here.

Step 8

Put another element on the end of "n" in "Design". I use the same element as the previous step, but it's a little bit smaller.

Step 9:

Another pattern is connected to "Y".

Step 10

Now that you've got the patterned text, turn them into smart objects. In this way, we are ready to edit. Then go to layer > Layer style > Gradient overlay. Use pink and blue, the style is linear, 90 degree angle.

Step 11

Select the drop shadow after the gradient overlay. Use a multiply-stacked blending mode, 120-degree angle, 5-pixel distance, and 20-pixel size.

Step 12

Select the bevel and Emboss after the drop shadow is set. Using the inner bevel style, the method is smooth with a depth of 190%. The direction is 6 pixels, and the size is 8 pixels. The shaded section uses the following settings: Angle 120°, height 30 °. The high light mode uses color dodge and white, and opacity is 75%. The shadow mode is then multiply and black, with an opacity of 45%. Select the outline.

Step 13

To copy the text layer, the first thing to do is to change the fill to 0%. This way, there will be no color, but the layer style will still work on this transparent layer. Disables the gradient overlay. Using bevel and Emboss, change direction to increase the depth of 370%. Size 2 pixels, softening 8 pixels. Now look at the shadows, change the angle to 145°, the height is 25 degrees. The high light mode is filtered, the color white, 100% opacity, shadow mode is 0%.

Step 14

Copying the text layer again makes the effect stronger.

Step 15

Copy the text layer again but this time let's edit the bevel and Emboss. The change is softened to 1 pixels. The high light mode uses the color Dodge 70%. also disables shading.

Step 16

Now, let's create a pattern in the design. Create a new file with a width of 40 pixels high of 200 pixels.

Step 17

Adjust the background layer so that it is 20 pixels wide. Use a linear gradient fill layer with white to different transparency colors. Use an opacity gradient of 100% through 40%. Refer to the image below.

Step 18

To edit > Define patterns. Name the stripes so you have a good pattern.

Step 19

Back to our design, add a new layer and fill it with the pattern we created.

Step 20

Rotate the pattern layer and change its blending mode to soft light.

Step 21

Press the command key to click on the text layer on the layers panel. In this way, you create a text-level selection. This is very simple and useful. After that, go to the layer > Layer Mask > Display the selection. The pattern will only be applied to the text.

Step 22

Select all the text layers and copy them. Go to layers > merge layers. After that, go to filter > Blur > Gaussian blur. Use a 10-pixel radius, and then press OK. Blending mode changes to filter color, which adds a nice glow to the image.

Step 23

Let's add some lighting effects. I use a stored photo to create a halo, you can use a brush, or a lens flare filter. I use the image here in this downloaded. Put the halo in the design and change the blending mode to filter. After that, go to image > Adjust > Hue and Saturation. Choose coloring to change the hue until you get a color that matches the text tone, and the light is brighter than the text color.

Step 24

Copy the light effect and move it to another letter.

Step 25

Repeat the flare again and move to another part of the design. Go again to image > Adjust > Hue and Saturation, and select coloring again, and try to match the color of the text to set the flare color.

Step 26

Import the paper texture and put it on top of the other layer. The image I use is Shutterstock and you can download download it here. Then change its blending mode to multiply the bottom.


You can add a space scene like the one below or put it in a cluttered background. In addition, if you want to add more light, just copy all the layers, merge them into a new layer, or press the command key +alt + Shift +e, then apply the Gaussian blur with a radius of 20 pixels, and change the blending mode to filter color.

Note : More wonderful tutorials Please pay attention to the triple Photoshop tutorial section, triple PS group: 182958314 welcome you to join

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