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IOS 7 out, interactive animation immediately become a popular designer, the dynamic design of the tutorials have taken advantage of a fire, but very few people discuss the end should not do interactive animation, if do, why? Today, finally, some students share his views, once the text of the 3 mentioned in the article, that is a dead man!

@ King Laugh Nothing: As designers, we are more and more interested in the interactivity of the app than the previous experience. This shift in mindset can be largely attributed to the big change in iOS 7. IOS 7 Excessive animation emphasizes physical change. From then on, we can see that there are a lot of popular apps that have very good dynamic effects.

The thrill of action is fascinating, allowing users to forget the cost of opportunity. On the other hand, spending extra time, at the right time, using the right dynamic, can increase ease of use, but also help build a brand personality, to bring users a pleasant experience. In this article, I will tell you that the effort to add interactivity to the product is meaningful for enhancing brand value.

  Availability of

Some apps use interactive effects as a core part of their work. In the following example, we can see that dynamic can make people look at the overall situation, and easily find the current location in the app.

  Pinterest (pushpin)

Pinterest is one of my favorite apps, it can easily switch between the list and the details through gestures, which is much better than the traditional stupid way of switching.

Next row return

Left row View next one

Load new content on row

 Circa App (circa news)

This is another good example of using dynamic to contact the context, circa a long article into a lot of small paragraphs, on the right you can see each dot represents a paragraph, sliding up and down to see the contents of each paragraph.

In the top two examples, animation is not a waste of time, but rather a real boost to the usability of the app.


Many apps use interaction as an important way to convey the brand's individuality and connotation. In the example below, the unique interaction has become the hallmark of the app. Is your app Funny or serious? Is it mechanical or soft? Choosing the right interaction and action for your app will imprint the brand deep into the user's mind.

  Path & TUMBLR

Mobile terminals are the only platform for path, and creating a unified interactive experience under a single platform is the advantage of path. You can see that the path's unique concept of interaction is deeply rooted, giving an affinity and an interesting impression.

The Tumblr Android version is also trying to create a similar experience for users.


Tweetbot is another example of creating a unique interactive experience that allows users to remember their brand. Compared with path and Tumblr, it gives a mechanical, powerful sense of feedback.

The interaction of Tweetbot is as vivid as a robot with distinct characteristics.


You will find that many of the apps ' animations come from changes in the UI because they are designed with little or no text to animate. However, spending a lot of time and effort to produce eye-catching animations is costly. Because of this, we rarely see companies in short supply making a fuss over the animation. In general, animations that make UI changes are animated for animation, not necessarily for an end.


You may not find anything special when browsing through Flickr's boot page, but when you slowly slide the screen you will find a wonderful 3D animation, using parallax scrolling and element masking to achieve the following effects.

Even if the app's animations are incredibly sophisticated, it doesn't make much sense from a business standpoint, especially in companies with limited resources. Flickr only considers the details of the interaction after it has received a lot of funding to invest in human and financial resources.


Choosing to invest money or improve the user experience will determine whether your app is going to be successful in the future. So you have to think carefully, why to make animation, the cost of investment is not worth it. You can make a decision by evaluating the above three points: usability, personality, and joy. If you do not even have a bit of animation to achieve, then this is certainly not worth it.

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