How to differentiate the solid state drives of the M.2 interface

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How do I differentiate the solid-state drives of the M.2 interface?

M.2 is Intel led the development of a new generation of interface standards, with a smaller size, faster interface features, the current main specifications are the following, mainly the length is not the same.

The image below is a two-m.2 SSD:

The short one is the Shadow Armor War m.2 128GB

Long is the Shadow Armor War m.2 256GB

These two are m.2 interface, how to distinguish which is the PCI-E SSD which is SATA SSD? Before we figure this out, we'll answer a few common questions.

1, the same is the m.2 interface, why there are pci-e and SATA points?

This is because the channel is different from the two, and the m.2 is defined as: Socket 2 and Socket 3. Socket 2 supports SATA, PCI-EX2 channel Ssd,socket 3 designed for high-performance storage and supports PCI-EX4. Shadow Chi Armor War m.2 256GB Walk is PCI-E channel, and Shadow armored war m.2 128GB to go is the SATA channel. The road is not the same, the nature is very different.

2, the motherboard with m.2 interface can use m.2 SSD?

Not also, the m.2 interfaces of different motherboards are supported by different channels, and some only hold pci-e channels, such as Asus Z97-A, whose specifications for m.2 are indicated in the description. Some are compatible with SATA and pci-e two of channels, such as Gigabyte z97x-ud3h. So the problem is, if the m.2 128GB installation on the Asus Z97-A will not be recognized. If you want to purchase a m.2 SSD, you should be aware of which channel the M.2 interface on your motherboard is supported if you are not having a problem with a motherboard that is compatible with both channels.

3, what determines the m.2 SSDs to take the channel?

The main control determines whether the SSD accessing the M.2 interface is a PCI-E channel or a SATA channel. For example, Shadow Armor War m.2 256GB is the main control is MARVELL88SS9183-BNP2 master, this is a PCI-E controller, and the shadow of Armored war m.2 with the traditional SATA controller. If the access is compatible with both channels of the m.2 interface, such as Gigabyte z97x-ud3h, can be identified, just a walk is the PCI-E channel another Go SATA channel, has a different bandwidth.

4. How big is the performance difference?

The path is different, the speed is naturally different, just like the same car, on the highway and on the rugged mountain road speed there is a huge difference. The following figure is the performance of the PCI-E SSD m.2 256GB and SATA SSD m.2 128GB.

The theoretical bandwidth of the SATA3.0 channel is 6gb/s. Theoretical limit transmission speed 600mb/s, so with the market all SATA interface SSD, like the m.2 maximum read speed will not exceed 600mb/s, and motherboard m.2 interface to go PCI-E channel transmission channel bandwidth of 10GB /S. Shadow Armor War m.2 256GB continuous reading achieves 678.80mb/s high transmission speed, exceeding the SATA3.0 limit transmission speed.

6, the price difference between the two?

This is the most concerned about the issue, of course, the price of the two is also very different, PCI-E SSD price is relatively high compared to SATA SSD, after all, the performance is placed there, and go SATA channel m.2 SSD price standard with the general SATA interface SSD is the same level.

7, how to confirm the M.2 interface SSD is PCI-E channel?

First, the official website product specification will be described.

Second, in the electricity quotient platform, the commodity parameter or the commodity introduction will have the explanation.

Shadow Chi's official website about the Shadow Armor War m.2 introduction of the description in the following figure:

The above is about m.2, PCI-E and SATA Interface SSD distinction, take the SATA channel m.2 SSD price more affordable, lightweight and flexible access to a variety of ultra-extreme, and PCI-E SSD is the pursuit of the ultimate performance and quality, users can purchase according to their actual needs, Note the m.2 interface between the motherboard.

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