How to dismantle a MacBook Apple computer?

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Apple's MacBook notebook, because of its shape design is very beautiful, has been a lot of people like. It is also designed to be different from the common PC notebooks, and the screws used are not the same. After a long period of use, you may want to clean the fan inside it, or some other reason to need to disassemble the machine. So how does a MacBook dismantle a machine? The following PC6 small series for everyone to bring Apple MacBook disassembly diagram, hope to help everyone.

1, as shown in the following figure, before beginning to prepare to disassemble the Apple MacBook computer with a special screwdriver tool.

2, as shown in the following figure, it must be this special T-type screwdriver can be, and our daily use of plum knife is not the same.

3. When the MacBook Pro notebook is dismantled, the screws at the bottom are the same length. As shown in the following figure, the screws at the corners will be more than the screws on the plane line. Remember the differences that preceded them, and do not have errors during installation.

4, as shown in the figure below, the individual's 13-inch MacBook Pro notebook that was purchased at the end of 2013 is such that the screws are long and short.

5, put the 10 screws at the bottom of the MacBook all dismantled, from the top of the outlet at a slightly forced upward, slowly put the back cover to lift up. Remember not to use violence to damage the shell.

6, after taking apart, you can see in the use of a long time, the bottom cover will also absorb some dust, clean and clean.

7, of course, after the opening, mainly to the internal cooling fan to clean. It is recommended that you do not need to remove the fan at this time and use a soft brush and a hairdryer to clean the fan.

8, after the cleaning is completed, the bottom cover of the MacBook is good, and then according to the length of the screw position can be good. It is important to note that for a MacBook notebook in the warranty, it is not recommended to be disassembled by individuals. The normal warranty may be affected if there is an accident in the disassembly that causes hardware corruption. So be careful when you disassemble the solution.

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