How to distinguish the digital circuit from the analog circuit in the same schematic diagram

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  • The digital circuit is the switching circuit; the device operating state: is not on or off, the general signal level just high and low. The height is "1", the low level is "0", the operating state is the pulse power.

  • The analog circuit is the amplification circuit, the slightest change should be calculated, consider, is a continuous change in power.

  • Only from the circuit diagram is not good to say, according to the circuits and component parameters to calculate, to know if its working state is saturated conduction or cutoff? Of course, this is not a difficult task for professionals.

  • Judging from the device model, circuit structure, terminal name, supply voltage, in general:

    1, analog circuit amplifier graphics is triangular, positive, negative dual power supply, the supply voltage is greater than 5V, the input, the output has a feedback resistor connection.

    2, the digital circuit is a single-supply operation, the supply voltage is mostly 5V or 3.3V, the logic diagram is rectangular, different logic door has a standard icon, it is easy to identify.

    The actual circuit diagram, not the work of the paper, are marked with the device model, at a glance.

    The circuit identification of discrete components can see the bias circuit, the digital circuit has no bias circuit.

    To the left | Turn right

    In the same schematic, since there are analog circuits and digital circuits, then, there is an interface circuit, such as comparator, analog-to-digital converter, digital-to-analog converter, interface circuit is the dividing line between analogue and digital.

    to the left | to the right analog circuit is the output analog input, the digital circuit is no matter what the input as long as the threshold is reached to determine the output to open or close

How to distinguish the digital circuit from the analog circuit in the same schematic diagram

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