How to divide the case of a notebook ABCD?

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How to divide the case of a notebook ABCD?

How does the case of the notebook ABCD be divided? Illustration of the ABCD plane of notebooks

Actually, the so-called ABCD surface of the notebook computer, also known as the ABCD Shell is to facilitate the distinction between the outer surface of the notebook to take the name, in some notebook disassembly or appearance, often referred to this professional terminology, the following small series through 4 notebook ABCD diagram, read everyone on the second understand.

A face (a shell)

Notebook A is the top cover, which is the top side of the notebook, usually has a brand logo, as shown in the picture.

B and C planes (b and C shells)

The B side of the notebook is on this side of the screen, while the C side is on this side of the keyboard/trackpad, as shown in the figure.

D side (d Shell)

The d side of the notebook is the bottom side of the shell, in the notebook disassembly, we often say that the disassembly from the D side, the notebook in turn to see the bottom is D side, D-side generally have a cooling hole, the bottom of the fixed screws, or more memory/hard drive need to remove the D side of the fixed screws.

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