How to do if mouse malfunction can't move? Summary of the solution to mouse malfunction

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Mouse malfunction How do you find the mouse under Computer Management-Device Manager to see if it is disabled. If it is disabled, it is disabled to open. In general, mouse failure, are the mouse itself

Step one: The problem of the mouse is generally the majority of USB interface mouse, the reason is of course the mouse itself and the USB interface problem, first of all, let us see if it is an interface problem. Computer USB interface More than one, we can try to replace the other USB interface, if the interface problem, replace the USB interface can solve the problem.

Step two: Not only the USB interface is suspected, the mouse is also suspected, but with our naked eye is unable to determine whether the mouse is damaged, but is not no way to judge, we can replace a new mouse to see if the same problem, if not, then the original mouse problem, repair or replacement can solve the problem.

Step three: If the replacement of the USB interface and the replacement of the mouse still does not solve the problem, there may be a lack of power supply USB port. We right-click on my computer, then select Manage, locate Device Manager, and then expand the Universal Serial Bus controller option to find the USB Root hub option.

Step Four: We right-click it and then option property options, to find the power Management option, the default is to check "allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" option, we remove it, and then make the same settings for each USB Root hub (because you don't know which option corresponds to that interface).

Step five: In addition to the reasons described above, there are other reasons may cause mouse malfunction, such as drivers, system services, or the motherboard problem, of course, these are not common reasons, the probability of occurrence is not very large, so do not do a detailed introduction here, the above method should be enough to solve most of the problem.

Step six, mouse line bad contact

Mouse interface is generally divided into USB or PS/2 interface, where PS/2 is the most commonly used desktop computer interface, USB interface used in notebooks more, and U SB Interface Mouse is universal, if you find that the mouse can not move, first of all, we could simply shake the next mouse line is not contact (wireless mouse How to use), if the shaking process can occasionally move the mouse to indicate bad contact, if shaking the mouse line is still not moving, you can change the interface to try or change a computer try The
need to be aware of: PS/2 interface Mouse Unplug and then reinsert the computer needs to restart the computer to be able to identify, this point we need to pay attention to.

Step seven, Mouse is broken

If the mouse because of accidentally fell to the ground, or other collisions caused by the mouse can not move is most likely to be the mouse is bad, first of all may use the above method to try, invalid words is basically a mouse problem , interested friends might as well die when the horse medicine, take apart maintenance try.

Mouse internal structure Simple mouse is broken you may wish to repair the next

Steps eight, memory consumption too much

> Mouse is not moving, memory consumption too much of the situation is more common. This is not very large memory, but your computer running a lot of cases is very easy to do this, but for the current computer memory generally relatively large, this situation is basically impossible.

Step nine, computer poisoning

Mouse suddenly motionless, computer poisoning is also possible, if the above 3 reasons do not solve your "mouse" situation, then there may be your computer poisoning 。 Use antivirus software to kill poison first.

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