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RJ45-type network cable plug, also known as Crystal Head, is widely used in LAN and ADSL broadband Internet users of network equipment between networks (called five-type line or twisted pair) connection. In specific applications, RJ45 plugs and network cables have two connection methods (line order), respectively called T568A Line sequence (Fig 1) and t568b line sequence (Figure 2).

RJ45 type wire plug PIN number Identification method is: Hand to get the plug, there are 8 small gold plated pieces of one end up, there is a cable mounted in the rectangular large mouth down, while the one without the slender plastic pin face your eyes, from the first small gold plate on the left to start in turn is the 1th foot, 2nd foot 、...、 8th foot.

Figure 1:RJ45 Cable plug t568a line sequence method diagram

  Application range of T568A line order

This method is used in the case that network equipment needs to cross interconnect. The so-called cross refers to one end of the network cable and the other end and the RJ45 wire plug connection, one end according to the t568a line sequence (Figure 1), the other end by t568b line sequence (Figure 2), that is, a few cable at the other end is to do a cross before receiving RJ45 Plug up, applicable to the connection occasions are:

1. Computer ←-→ Computer, said Peer-to-peer network connection, that is, between two computers only through a network cable connection can transfer data;

2. Hub ←-→ Hub;

3. Switch ←-→ switch.

  The connection method of T568A line order

As shown in Figure 1, the corresponding relationship between the pin of the RJ45 type cable and the color mark of the cable is:

The pin number of the plug, cable color

1 ———— Green and white

2 ———— Green

3 ———— Orange White

4 ———— Blue

5 ———— Blue and white

6 ———— Orange

7 ———— Palm White

8 ———— Brown

Figure 2:RJ45 Cable plug t568b line sequence method diagram

  Application range of T568B line order

  First, direct connection interconnection

Both ends of the network cable are pressed T568B

1. Computer ←-→ADSL Cat

2. ADSL Cat ←-→ADSL Router's WAN port

3. LAN Port of Computer ←-→ADSL router

4. Computer ←-→ hub or switch

  Second, Cross interconnection

At one end of the network, press T568B and the other end press T568A to connect

1. Computer ←-→ computer, i.e. Peer-to-peer network connection

2. Hub ←-→ Hub

3. Switch ←-→ switch

The connection method of T568B line order

As shown in Figure 2, the corresponding relationship between the pin of the RJ45 type cable and the color mark of the cable is:

The pin number of the plug, cable color

1 ———— Orange White

2 ———— Orange

3 ———— Green and white

4 ———— Blue

5 ———— Blue and white

6 ———— Green

7 ———— Palm White

8 ———— Brown Two computers connected directly through the network cable (i.e. Peer-to-peer network) related settings

As mentioned above, two computers are connected to each other through a network cable. RJ45-type network cable Plug and wire connection is: one end according to the t568a line sequence, at one end by t568b line sequence, and then the network cable through the RJ45 plug to connect the computer network cable socket, which completes the physical connection between the two computers. However, the two computers may not immediately be able to carry out data transfer, but also must be related to the settings:

1. Specify the IP address of each computer:

You can select any value between the ——— as the IP address of the two computers, and note that the IP address should not be reused.

2. Set the subnet mask for each computer is:

3. Set the gateway for each computer:

For example, if the IP address of the first computer is, and the IP address of the second computer is, the gateway of the first computer and the second computer should be or both, or gateways take ——— any value between the two machines, such as the gateway to

4. Set the hard disk you want to access your computer for sharing: The same method of setting up the share is the same as the operation on the local area network.

Finished above 1. --4. After setting up the items, you can see connected computers in your computer's "Network Neighborhood", and then you can use copy-paste to transfer data to each other like a local area network.

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