How to download and install Photoshop cs 6 (for beginners)

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Photoshop cs6From the perspective of interface design and window layout, adobe photoshop cs6 has indeed changed a lot! Externally, ps icons have changed from the original 3d style to today's popular simple plane style, and the main colors of the user interface have been redesigned to a dark color; the most obvious internal aspect is that ps cs6 provides basic video editing functions for photographers, and changes have taken place in pointer, layer, filter, and other aspects.

Adobe Photoshop CS6 software provides the most advanced image processing technology, brand new creative options, and extremely fast performance. Use the new content recognition feature to Polish and use brand new and improved tools and workflows to create outstanding designs and films.


Although cs8 is now available, Photoshop cs6 is still a relatively easy-to-use image processing software with complete functions.


The download address is as follows:

I downloaded it at the current software Park). This is a cracked version of Photoshop cs6 software.

Adobe photoshop cs6 v13.0 simplified Chinese version:



1. Decompress the package to the disk you want to install (it is recommended that you do not install the package to the drive C, or the computer will be very slow when running)Network disconnection installation

2. Open Adobe CS6-Set-up.exe

3. Use a password cracking point for trial. Use the serial number. (For details about the installation with the serial number, refer to the instructions in .)

4. Select a location. Do not install it on drive C.

5. Waiting for installation

Note: If you continuously install the software on the Internet, you must register the adobe company id before installing the software.



Cracking: (only install using the cracked patch)

After the installation is complete, run the software once and turn it off after the trial period pops up.

Then open the location where you installed the ps, which is the changed location mentioned above.

Find the amtlib. dll file in the Photoshop folder and copy it to the desktop (just for backup)

Find the crack patch amtlib. dll in the downloaded installation source file and copy and paste it to the Photoshop folder.

Finally, run ps. If the trial period window is no longer displayed, the installation and cracking are completed.


How to download and install Photoshop cs 6 (for beginners)

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