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How do I download potato videos? Although the Youku potatoes have been merged, their resources have not yet converged. What do you do if you want to download a potato video? Now it's a potato video download tutorial that teaches you how to download potato videos.

Note: Tudou video format suffix name is F4V, the current mainstream video players (such as shooter AV) can play the normal f4v of this Tudou video format.

Potato Video Download method first: Itudou Tudou official video Download Upload Tool

For the ordinary Tudou video, the use of Tudou's official Itudou (Tudou Video Downloader) can easily download their own Tudou video. In addition to downloading and uploading video, Itudou can also turn video into a dedicated video format such as mobile phone MP4, allowing you to simply bring your Tudou video to any mobile device.

Itudou Tudou Download Upload tool download: Download address Baidu under the bar

Open the Tudou video you want to download, then click "Download" in the middle of the video and choose the quality to download the video to your computer, very simple.

Click to download

On the Itudou, you can see the Tudou video you just clicked to download. Figure 2 shows that Itudou is downloading the video.

Itudou Download Tudou video is simple

However, not all Tudou videos support downloading to the local, such as the silver soul, such as popular animation does not support downloading (there are no downloads for the reason of N).

Japanese animations do not support downloads

So, Tudou video download is not? If you really want to download Tudou's unique Japanese animation resources, then you can no longer use the official Itudou, you have to use a third-party download tool.

Potato Video Download Method The second: Proud Tour 3 Web resources download sniffer

Proud Tour Browser 3 with "Web Resources download Sniffer", you can easily find the current browsing Web pages of video, audio, pictures and other types of files.

Proud Tour Browser Maxthon 3.3.6 600 official version of this download: Download the address Baidu under the bar

Note: Web resource download sniffer can only work in the "flash mode" of "Lightning Mark" (upper right corner of the following figure).

Proud Tour 3 can easily download Itudou also download the Tudou video

Potato Video Download Method third: Mouse flv video download software

The mouse FLV video download software supports one-click download of online video from Tudou, Youku and other websites, and can even download the entire TV series in bulk. The silver soul of Tudou as an example, can easily put the silver soul of Tudou 1-250 set a key to bulk download. As to how fast the download speed, it depends on how fast your speed.

There are many functions in the rat, the author of this not more than one by one said.

Open the rat, in Figure 5 in the red box position, input Tudou a video full URL address, and then click "Start", you can see the real Tudou video download address. 360 version, 720 high-definition version, the original picture version of the quality of the download way to choose. If you want to download the whole set of video, please click on the right side of the "Download the whole bean list please click here".

Figure 5 (click on the image to view the large HD image)

Written in the last

No doubt, the rat is the most powerful Tudou video downloader, the bulk download Tudou video is definitely the first choice! If you usually have the interest to share the video, then Itudou is not less than the Tudou video upload weapon. If you are proud to travel 3 of users, then occasionally want to download what video, proud of the Web resources download sniffer is the most convenient choice.

As long as you understand this three potato video download method, no download potato video!

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