How to download the millet router?

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The first step: first open Sogou Browser, and then click on the upper right corner plugin menu, expand the list to select "Get", as shown in the following figure.

Next will go to Sogou browser Expansion Center, where we search "millet router" the following figure:

Then you can find a "one-click Download to the Millet router" plug-in, we click on the installation, as shown in the following figure.

The second step: after the plug-in installation is complete, in the plugin menu can see "One-click Download to the Millet router" this function icon. Next we can go to the Internet to find some need to download movies or documents, in the found resources to download the link, we click the right mouse button, and then choose "Download to millet router", as shown in the following image:

Note: The first use needs to log into your millet account, after landing can be downloaded.

If the download is complete, do not want to use this plug-in, you can also click into the extension menu of the "Management" option to enter the extension management interface, you can hide, start and disable plug-in functionality.

Here is a simple to share another method, that is, in the expansion of the interface directly click "Download to the Millet router", will immediately open the download interface, and then we need to download some of the link download address, paste in can be.

This method is appropriate to have a direct download address, and some use the above direct right to download the method fails, you can try this way to complete the download.

Another 360 browser and Google browser installed millet Router extension plug-in is the same method, here is not introduced.

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