How to draw a flowchart in PPT2003

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The flowchart has its most basic composition, input, output, start, end, arrow, condition box. You can select a flowchart directly in the drawing bar and you can assemble it yourself with a graphic, and the biggest difference is that the flowchart you choose after you select the flowchart can be self-correcting. Here's a simple flowchart with AutoShapes and arrows to add process boxes and process lines. Interested friends can take this opportunity to study. Friends of the meeting can also be consolidated under OH.

1, open "Start" menu--microsoft Office--microsoft Power Point 2003.

2, enter the Microsoft Power Point 2003 Edit interface. The following figure:

3, first we know that the flowchart has its most basic composition, input, output, start, end, arrows, condition box. Down, let's take a look at the most basic approach to the flowchart. Open the drawing bar first.

4. After we open the drawing bar, there are many basic graphics needed for the drawing. You can also directly select the flow chart, directly select the flow chart and our own graphical assembly of the biggest difference is that the selection of flowchart options after the process can be made to self correction.

5, we can use AutoShapes and arrows to do a simple flow chart. As shown in the following figure, all three shapes come from AutoShapes, and the flowchart arrows come from the arrow option. This is the simplest diagram of a flowchart. If you need more steps, you can add them directly to these two steps.

6. Add the block diagram and arrows in the following way. The following figure is a method for adding a process box.

7, the following is the method of adding process lines.

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