How to draw an illustration of the superhero Wonder Girl in photoshop

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We will give you a detailed analysis of the photoshop software and share with you how to design the illustration of the superhero Wonder Girl.
Tutorial sharing:
1. Diagram
After the subject matter is determined, the first step is the composition process. Some people think that composition is the core of creation, or the core part that reflects creativity. In fact, this is just a starting point,
What we need to do at this point is to design the architecture, content, and layout of the screen. Many ideas and highlights are gradually added to subsequent portraits.
In this creation, I did not want to draw my work as a simple meal poster of "Dawn of Justice", so I used a fictitious method in role selection,
Keep the original settings of Wonder Girl, and add the original monsters to the supporting role.
Overall, I want to show how powerful the hero is, so I designed the dynamics for her to seize the enemy with one hand and take the sword and attack with one hand.


2. Complete composition
After confirming the dynamics of Wonder Girl, we should arrange a secondary role for her. I used a pyramid chart to place the main character on the center of the screen,
The secondary role occupies the middle and bottom of the screen. In the dynamic design of the enemy, they can extend their hands to the direction of the main character, resulting in a "centripetal" Visual Guide.


3. Fixed-color filling
After the diagram and line draft sketch are completed, set the line draft layer to "front stacked bottom", create a new layer under it, and fill the role's solid color.
Wonder Girl uses her original color. Here, considering that the overall picture may be warm, she adds the warm gray to her color.
The colors of the supporting role are relatively uniform, and the brown gray tone is adopted.


4. Background sketch
The roles are already in place, so we should add a background to them. In order to show the real and narrative feelings of the roles, I chose the real scene.
The role accounts for 2/3 of the image, leaving little space for the background. Therefore, you only need to be clear about the background,
At the same time, a lot of gravel is designed in the background to increase the motion of the screen.


5 lay large colors
Lay a large color for a monochrome sketch. In this step, we need to design the color of the full graph, while taking into account the comparison of the warm and warm colors.
Here I designed a pink sunset glow at the beginning of the tone.


6. Global lighting design
Combine the role layers to light the role. In this case, the combination of roles can be considered as a large-scale, complex, or sculpture.
In the light source design, I put the main light source of the role on the swordsman's sword, because I imagined that the electro-optic light from the sword passed through the front of the enemy's body,
Therefore, the light of the Sword is the strongest, and it is used as the main light source in the role combination. At the same time, the Wonder Girl is closest to the sword. She has the strongest light, and other supporting roles are gradually like this.


7. Details
After the global tones and shadows are laid, they enter the refined stage. First of all, it is the portrayal of the protagonist Wonder Girl.
Here I have referred to the settings of the Grega-duo edition and the Gaira-duo style for my face.
I have to say that this beautiful Israeli woman perfectly interprets the beauty of the Wonder Girl. When the women rush forward, the unique elegance of women is the focus of the image,
She must have a fierce side and cannot damage her aesthetic.


8. Magic Monster
In the manipulation of the supporting role, the focus is on the muscle sensation of the male body, and to avoid being too similar to humans, they are given a layer of skin texture similar to that of the crawling animals.


9. Rich details
The painting is coming to an end. At this time, I think the design of the monster is still a little common, so I added a tattoo design to them,
This design, like tattoos and stripes, enriches the role. The swords of Wonder Girls are characterized, and the swords retain some metallic luster to facilitate later light effects.
In the background processing, the emphasis is placed on the characterization of gravel to increase the dynamic and destructive feeling of the image.


10. Production of light effects
The sword light of Wonder Girl penetrated the enemy's body. This is the initial design idea. You can add light effects in this step.
This production process is similar to the special effect of a movie. You must first take or prepare the role, and then add special effects such as electro-optic.
Note that you need to combine the light with the enemy's body to draw a picture. For example, some light is transmitted from the crack, which can increase the force.


11. Organize the screen
Adjust the color order and color balance of the entire screen to make it more comfortable. At the same time, the light effects and comparison can be enhanced to make the visual center of the screen more elegant.


Final effect!


All right, the above information is the detailed design tutorial for the super hero "Wonder Girl" illustration for all photoshop users, you can see the software users here. I believe that you are very clear about the tutorial, then you can follow the tutorial above to try to draw an illustration of the superhero Wonder Girl.

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