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But small series remind everyone, pay attention to the weather changes at the same time, do not forget to pay attention to their computer temperature level. As the saying goes, computer temperature is high, carefully folded waist. Of course, this is a small compilation, but the computer temperature is too high, it really will affect our experience of the Internet's pleasure, especially the increasingly bizarre weather, cold weather can also be warm hand pot, the weather is hot, but it makes people very upset. Long-term computer in a high temperature environment, not only will reduce the running speed, but also may accelerate the hardware aging, greatly shorten the computer life. Therefore, we should always pay attention to monitor the computer temperature. Remember that some time ago, the uproar of Hewlett-Packard "Xiao Qiang Door" incident, let HP computer got the "can Internet cooker" title. Details of the internal reasons, we will not one by one to repeat. However, in order to allow users to understand the importance of computer temperature, small series on the experience, took out the same hot hair hot warm hand pot laptop more computers, coupled with the temperature detection function of the evolution of the driving life, a fiery experiences.

Fig. 1 Driving Life hardware detection screen

Using Drive life Hardware detection we saw the notebook more comprehensive hardware and software environment.

Figure 2 The computer temperature just turned on

Just open the machine, driving life shows that the temperature of the unit is still in the normal range. Next we let him run a few programs to get the computer to warm up quickly.

Minimum temperature:

Maximum temperature:

Figure 3 Driving the bottom right corner of the temperature monitor bar shows the computer temperature spiked

We see in the drive life this compact temperature monitor bar We found that this computer's real-time temperature up to CPU 77 ℃ graphics card 90 ℃ hard disk 46 ℃, and the monitoring bar can let us know, in the use of which software, the computer's maximum load, the highest temperature.

Fig. 4 The curve of driving life temperature monitoring

Now we turn to the life-driven temperature monitor, the laptop's temperature has been high from a few minutes after the boot, to the later temperature can fry an egg, the process is driven by a complete record of life. The cockroach incident gradually insipid, but the notebook computer users of their notebook temperature concern is rising. Although we can drive the life of the temperature monitoring function to see the temperature of the laptop, but how to alleviate or even solve the problem of laptop temperature, in the second small series to give everyone universal Universal notebook cooling method.

For the general user, simple computer temperature control can be divided into 6 kinds: the first way you can look at CPU usage is to see if there are any software or viruses running in the background that is causing the computer to get warmer; the second, open air-conditioning, the specific cooling effect and air-conditioning thermostat related; the third is to clean up the internal dust and replace the CPU fan Check the CPU silica gel, this method of cooling effect does not have a quasi degree; the fourth way is to use a household fan blowing, this method effect is good, cooling effect and air volume, about 4-9 degrees can be reduced; The fifth method, the height of the laptop and desktop, although this method is very old-fashioned, but about 2-6 degrees of cooling; The sixth way, buy a notebook heat sink, can cool down about 4-15 degrees.

Fig. 5 Temperature of driving life after cooling

Notebook temperature directly affects the life of the book, so pay attention to the CPU temperature notebook, is to extend the service life of the book. Here, small part of the proposed notebook computer users, often use the driving life of the management of their own computer-driven, pay attention to driving the life of the temperature monitoring function, pay attention to the CPU temperature of the notebook computer, maintain their own computer, in the climate when the high time to their books to cool down, in the coming summer, More refreshing surf the internet!

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