How to embed sound files in PowerPoint

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In a slide, there are two ways to add sound, that is, inserting sounds and embedding sounds. inserting/linking sounds (files), deleting inserted/linked sounds (files) is simpler and more intuitive. Embedding sound files is a more complex method, but it is even more cumbersome to delete methods that have been embedded in sound files. The following is a detailed approach to embed and delete sound files, you can follow the steps to operate.

1. Embed sound file

By default, only sound WAV format sound files can be embedded in a slide.

Embedding Step:

1 on the Slide Transition tab of the task pane, click the button to the right of the Sound Drop-down list box, and then click More sounds .... As shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1

2 on the Add Sound dialog box, select the sound file you want to embed (as shown in Figure 2, "dedicate to Alice. wav", 3839KB), and then click OK.

Figure 2

3 in the Slide Switch tab of the task pane, in the Sound drop-down list box, there is a "tribute to Alice. Wav". The sound file is dedicated to Alice WAV, which is embedded in the slide.

Figure 3

Tip: When you embed a sound file, the size of the slide increases accordingly. Even if the sound file is not selected in the Sound Drop-down list box (that is, the sound is not played during a slide show), the slide file size will not be reduced.

2. Delete embedded sound files

In order to "swelling" the slide file, the embedded file not playing should be deleted.

Delete step:

1 The slide file, save as a Web page. Note that on the Save As dialog box, you must select Web page (*.htm;*.htm).

Figure 4

In the subdirectory with the same name as the Web page (in this case, the subdirectory named: "Calendar. Files"), locate the WAV format file and delete it.

Hint: WAV format sound file has been renamed, as in this case "dedicated to Alice. wav", has been changed to "Sound001.wav". However, the file size is still 3839KB. File size, which can be used in corroboration.

2 in Explorer, right-click the Web page file (for example, "calendar. htm"), point to open With, and then click Microsoft Office PowerPoint to open the Web page file in PowerPoint.

Tip: On the Slide Switch tab of the task pane, the WAV sound file name that you deleted is still present in the Sound Drop-down list box.

3 Open the Web page file in PowerPoint and save it as a "presentation (*.ppt)" type file.

After saving, the file size decreases accordingly. When you close the file and open it again, the deleted sound file name will no longer appear in the Sound Drop-down list box.

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