How to embrace failure in the course of an entrepreneur's metamorphosis 4-gambling entrepreneurship in God's hair

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The killer of God's fat brother.

( Heaven Zhuhai Branch Rudder note : Successful entrepreneurs are like smart gamblers. Smart gamblers count our familiar gambling gods. The 3 traits that successful entrepreneurs describe in this section coincide with the high-stakes gods of gamblers.

    • God of Gamblers 2 begins to describe the gambling god high into the wife and children were Chau Siu-crazy persecution and death, this is like an entrepreneur in the success of the failure encountered in the wind and waves.

    • Director Wang Jing on the lens described on the high into the gamblers, especially into the casino wearing windbreaker walk like the king of the World gambling God high into, showing that an entrepreneur should have the who but myself of self-confidence and flexible personality.

    • And at the end of the 1, gambling God high into the use of the United States leading years of "invisible liquid crystal development glasses," the latest technology anti-Gaoyi "LCD development glasses and Stealth potion" an army, on behalf of the gambling God high into although already have the ability to replace the box three randomly, but still maintain the following description of the open mind Innovative Thinking to the United States to dig out such a contact lens products, the solution, the ultimate high-end will rival Gaoyi reign. )

Entrepreneurship in a certain level is a kind of gambling. As mentioned above, the "failed entrepreneur" in this comic book, you will take your time, money, honor, and comfortable life out to gamble. You may lose in the first round, but the term "continuous entrepreneur" is not created by fashion. It is through countless entrepreneurs in the first, two times, or even three startups are drubbing and return to the blood of the experience of baptism soaked.

As an entrepreneur, encountering some failures on the way is a necessity. How many times you have experienced failure is harmless, because you will learn invaluable lessons in the process. Don't be afraid to bask in the cold. You will eventually be surprised to find out how much you can gain from failure in this process. To help you think like an entrepreneur, here are 3 traits that every entrepreneur should have:

    • Flexible : Successful entrepreneurs should be able to break through the storm barriers and quickly find solutions to problems. An entrepreneur should have the electric power of Lightning Flint executive power, "in the first-move position ( Heaven Zhuhai Branch Rudder note : about the first-player advantage, please see my other article" RETHINKDB founder teach you how to find entrepreneurial ideas "), and constantly beyond your competitors to make efforts ”。

    • who but myself confidence : a healthy, upward self-confidence will make it easier for you to succeed. You will face some of the vicious negatives that will blow your plan to pieces that are completely unrecognizable to the bones. Be confident that your product is what the world needs and that you are the right person to provide it.

    • Innovative Thinking : The open mind of Haina is synonymous with innovative thinking, and as an entrepreneur you need to constantly look for the latest solutions, strategies, and great ideas. Please keep an open mind to tap into new ideas and processes.

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How to embrace failure in the course of an entrepreneur's metamorphosis 4-gambling entrepreneurship in God's hair

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