How to enable WDS for the network component WNR2000

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We all know how to enable the WDS function of the network component WNR2000. The original network component router WNR2000 does not support the WDS function, but recently the network component released a new version of the firmware,
You only need to restart the firmware to enable the WDS function of the network component router. The specific settings are as follows:
1. Download the firmware. log on to the official website of the network component to download the firmware V1.2.3.7. Save the firmware in the root directory of the disk. The path cannot be Chinese.
Ii. firmware update 1. Disconnect all network cables connected to the Network Gateway Router. Only the computers storing the firmware are retained and connected to the WNR2000 LAN port,
Log on to the network Router Management page, and click Maintenance-Router Status in the left-side navigation bar,
The current Firmware Version is displayed in the Firmware Version column.
2. Click Maintenance in the navigation-Router Upgrade, Click Browse, select the firmware WNR2000-V1.2.3.7.img, Click Upload to start the Upgrade.

3. You will be prompted to confirm the upgrade. Click Yes to upload the firmware. The system will display the progress of the firmware upload and update settings,
This process takes about 3 minutes.
4. After the upgrade is complete, return to Maintenance-Router Status to check that the firmware version has been successfully updated.
5. Choose "Maintenance"> "Backup Settings" from the left-side navigation pane,
Click Revert to factory default settings to restore the Erase next to the factory default settings and perform the restore factory settings operation.
3. Update the Language Pack. Update the Language Pack is performed when the vro is connected. The update of the Language Pack does not support local upload,
WNR2000 has enabled Check for new version upon login at the factory to Check the new version,
When the vro connects to the network and logs on to the vro management interface, the system automatically checks the firmware and Language Pack,
If the new version is detected, the system prompts you whether to update the version. Select Yes.

4. Enable WDS to go to advanced-wireless relay. Enable the wireless relay function and select the central base station mode,
In repeater MAC address 1, enter the MAC address of JWNR2000. If you select disable wireless client access, then WNR2000
You cannot access a wireless client only as a bridge.

After the preceding settings, the WDS function can be enabled for the network component WNR2000,
If you are using WNR2000 and want to use the WDS function, you can set it by step. This article is from

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