How to encrypt a removable hard disk

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We often store a large number of files in the mobile hard disk, which must have some relatively important and private files, then how to ensure the security of the file, this tutorial for you to introduce how to use U Disk Super Encryption 3000来 encryption mobile hard disk, protect the file security.

1, download u disk Super Encryption 3000.

Download should be a compressed package, open, you can see inside there is a Ude.exe file, you can extract this file to you need to encrypt the U disk or mobile hard drive on it.


2, the use of U disk Super Encryption 3000 to your mobile hard disk encryption.

Double-click the U disk Super Encryption 3000, the first pop-up is a password input window.

Password Input window

After entering the password, click OK to enter the main software window.

U disk Super Encryption 3000 main window

The software window has two areas, one is the data area on the left, which shows that you have not encrypted files and folders on your mobile hard drive, and that the right-hand side shows the encrypted area, showing that you have encrypted files and folders on your mobile hard drive.

3, if all the files and folders in your disk need encryption, you click the Full encryption button, and soon your mobile hard drive all folders and files from the left side of the transfer. This is your mobile hard drive out of this ude.exe, and some of the system folders, there are no other files and folders.

Click the overall encryption button

If you just want to encrypt an individual file or folder, in the data area, select the folder or file you want to encrypt and click on a single encryption.

There is also a gold diamond encryption, this function is to encrypt the file encryption algorithm, this encryption method has the highest encryption strength, no correct password is unable to decrypt. The same method is used with a single encryption.

Gold Diamond Encryption

4, decrypt encrypted files and folders.

Mobile hard disk encryption, open disk is not see the encrypted files and folders, in addition to diamond encrypted folders and files, but gold drilling encrypted folders and files can be encrypted again.

If you want to use encrypted folders and files, you enter the password into the software, in the encryption area, double-click the folder or file you need to use, these folders or files are decrypted and automatically opened.

You can also click to decrypt all the data, and then use it. After use, you click on all the folders or files to restore to the encrypted state, you can decrypt the folder and file to restore the encryption status, if you forget, there is no relationship, the software exit will prompt you.

Gold Drill Encrypted file or folder decryption is also very simple, double-click the Gold Drill Encrypted folder or file, or click the Gold Diamond Encryption button, and then choose to decrypt, and then click Browse, select the need to decrypt the gold drill encrypted files or folders, and then enter the correct password, click OK.

5, this software is small, but there are other functions, if folder camouflage, file lock, unlock and so on. I will not talk about these functions, we can try it, are very good.


1, u disk Super Encryption 3000 in addition to gold drilling encryption, another encryption method used by the system features encryption, encryption and decryption speed, but with the disk in the file format, if you want to convert the partition file system format or merge partitions, first decrypt the encrypted data, and backup.

2, drilling encrypted files and folders do not forget the password, forget the password can not be decrypted.

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