How to enhance the wireless network signal

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How to enhance the wireless network signal

Now, the use of wireless routers and wireless network card to build a LAN family is not a few, however, the data transmission rate is greatly influenced by the signal intensity, and the data transmission rate of wireless network is often very slow, even the phenomenon of unable to establish connection can occur when the signal is not strong enough. In actual use, also often found that wireless signal coverage is not as good as the product description, it is disappointing. Because in actual use, the signal will be affected by some objective factors such as environment attenuation, this is unavoidable. Of course, the attenuation of the signal, is not helpless, in the use of time, you can pass some skills, as far as possible to minimize the signal attenuation.

A reasonable placement of wireless routers

Because the wireless signal passes through the barrier, especially after the metal, the signal will be greatly attenuated. And in the family house, there are many reinforced concrete walls, so in the display of wireless routers, should make the signal as little as possible through the wall.

The following picture shows the family structure, for example, rarely in the kitchen or restaurant, the Internet, while the study and bedroom is usually the place to surf the internet, so in the selection of wireless router placement location, you can choose from the kitchen and restaurant far away from a few places, but as close to the study and bedroom.

As the picture shows, the study outside the wall is placed wireless router ideal location, so put the living room, study, master bedroom, the second bedroom has a better wireless signal. Of course, different family structure is not the same, we should depend on the specific circumstances. Generally speaking, the wireless card client has the signal strength detection ability, everybody takes the notebook to look at the signal intensity in the room everywhere, thus chooses one best placement point. In addition, network Stumbler software can be installed to detect the intensity of the signal.

 Second, modify the signal channel to reduce interference

In the configuration interface of the wireless router, you will see the options for the wireless channel. In general, there are 11 wireless channels in 54M, followed by Channel 1 to channel 11. Signal interference occurs when multiple wireless signals are used on the same wireless signal channel.

Many users buy wireless router after the use of wireless signal channels can not be modified, so that everyone uses the router default configuration when the channel, so it is very easy to channel interference. If a neighbor uses the same channel nearby, then both wireless signals will be affected.

You can also use the network Stumbler software to scan to see which wireless signals are in the vicinity and which channel to use. The wireless channel is then modified to avoid duplication with other channels.

In addition, we should note that a channel signal will also interfere with its adjacent two channels, that channel 6 of the signal will affect the Channel 5 and Channel 7, so when setting up a wireless channel, should try to make their own channel from other signal channels more than two.

In addition, a lot of home appliances in the work of the wireless network will also cause electromagnetic interference, so the placement of wireless routers should also try to stay away from these appliances.

 Third, extended antenna enhancement signal

Because the size of the antenna gain directly affects the signal emission intensity and the ability to receive, and some of the routers in the market are removable design, so the wireless router to replace a high gain antenna is the most direct way to enhance the signal. Gain antenna There are many in the market, the price is also cheap. However, it is worth noting that the purchase should be asked whether it is omni-directional antenna, otherwise use antenna can only in one Direction transmission wireless signal.

In addition, the wireless network card antenna can be extended, but the wireless network card antenna is generally not removable, the replacement is also more troublesome. In fact, many small items in life, can play a role in enhancing the wireless network signal. Network also has a lot of DIY wireless network gain antenna methods, such as the use of milk powder cans, mosquito coils, colander and so on, interested netizens may wish to try.

How to enhance the wireless network signal? The techniques mentioned in this paper can improve the signal strength to some extent, however, the actual transmitting power of the router itself is the most critical. There's absolutely no need to worry about buying a wireless router at home. Now the mainstream of home wireless router standard rate of 54Mbps, and our home broadband access if the ADSL is generally 2M, and the community broadband its shared bandwidth is generally 10M, even if the signal strength is not up to 100%, its transmission rate can meet the general home users of the internet needs.

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