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Overall feeling: data collection masters are the best !.. Noteexpress is the most professional !.. PKS are the strongest theoretical skills !. The Knowledge Tree integrates the Mind Map idea !.... Collector is worth noting!

Post the following thoughts:
I. Basic principles of PKM Software

For a long time, I have been closely tracking the software that can be mounted with PKM at home and abroad, and found that most of the software is developed based on the principle of built-in Web editorThere is no relation in this document, and it can only be used as attachments at most. For example, mybase, noteexpress, data collection master, PKM 2, and so on, it is unnecessary to catch net articles and friends and interests documents. Currently, only sendingThe current "Word Document-Data Management System" software is also based on office documents.

II. Key features of PKM Software

I think PKM software should have at least four points:
1. There is a complete "knowledge classification system" function, including statistics, any display order, penetration display, and other features not provided by Windows Resource Manager
2. Quick Search: index-based search instead of text scanning is required. It is best to integrate desktop search software such as Google
3. Support for files in any format: office files can be directly edited and indexed, not just HTML files
4. Automatic Backup: If there is no sense of security and there is no guarantee, it will be useless; because those are the result of your "painstaking efforts!

According to these indicators, the current professional PKM software really only has a "Needle PKM ". If the PKM user "the hacker ride is disease-free", the statement is as follows:
"PKM is a bit unfamiliar to consumers. You are used to using totalcommander to manage files, using net articles to quickly capture webpages, and using management information such as mybase. Matrix PKM availableFar better than them, but knowledge management does not have this concept at present.P>

3. Personal Knowledge Management =? File Management?

To address this problem, we should say that file management is a kind of personal knowledge management. With window Resource Manager, PKM can be fully done,Professional PKM software can save time and worryIt is easier to develop good personal knowledge management habits.. Because the professional PKM software is developed based on the characteristics of PKM and the practical experience of many people, there are at least 150 PKM.More than one user has submitted suggestions and feedback, such as yundun, I love Su Yu, ordinary people, and leisure. It has been used for more than six years of research and development. The current version is v5.45.

From another perspective, documents are the main carriers of inner knowledge that individuals can access at any time, while enterprises are more structured data. Books are also the carriers, but for individualsIt is of little significance. It is necessary for a large library; that is, the main sources of personal knowledge are office documents, web pages and PDF documents.

Therefore, professional PKM software is to manage these things.

In summary,Professional PKM software is a software tool that helps individuals manage documents more efficiently and easily develop knowledge management habits based on the characteristics of personal knowledge management.Provides learning and other auxiliary functions.

4. Why not use mybase?

The main factor is not that the search is not fast and cannot be closely integrated with office documents, but not the Simplified Chinese version. The reason is that most people choose the simplified version of XP instead of the English version;

On the other hand, software developers do not come out of the simplified version, which means they do not care about the Simplified Chinese user base. We strongly recommend that you have an official simplified version, because the dot matrix PKM also draws a lot of experience from it, because

PKM is useful to individuals, and each person has different Personalized Requirements. In the PKM market, there is more software competition to develop better software!

More and more professional PKM software are expected to meet the above requirements! I also hope this article will inspire the author who wants to enter the PKM software development market.

What do you think?

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