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Absrtact: This article introduces the linkto of the large search engine: command interface, evaluate the website "popularity (Link popularity Check)".

Google and other new search engine results are most successful in the use of PageRank to order the results, always let the best site results in front, which greatly improve the quality of the search. Simply say: PageRank is Who's page is cited more than the number of pages, and quote your site is authoritative, it shows that your page's high quality, popular, PageRank high. So, that's why it's the same page that contains MP3, but in front, and some personal site MP3 downloads are in the back.

For the popularity of the site is more general statement is:LINK popularity namely: Site popularity. For site Promotion services: The site's popularity rating has been a very common service, many search engine advanced search includes this feature. More dedicated service providers to help you directly from a number of search engines directly to the URL evaluation results crawl. For example: Google search link popularity, the first 2 will find 2 more famous site rating service and

I compared and The result of the .'s search results are bad, and it's using Google's results, and later on, this is the wrong approach. results are better. They are actually using some of the larger search engine's Linkto: command function to achieve: statistics connected to the number of links to the specified Web page. the higher the number of links, the higher the popularity (popularity).

data source result
linkpopularity altavista,hotbot &NBSP
linkpopularitycheck altavista,hotbot,msn,lycos results are more And there is a good interface, the results are sorted according to the number of link found, and the column chart to represent.
But there is a problem with the interface of their MSN, there is a problem with the statistics of the child pages, for example:, the result is 0 but in fact there should be 145.

Of course there are many similar resources on the Internet and even the source program, here is not one of the introduction. But whether the data is objective: with the commercialization of the Internet and the division of labor, most of the search results are actually a few large search engine technology providers, such as: Google,inktomi,fast, etc. (go to the page search of these portals to see the above powered By the know, for example: Yahoo's background web search engine is the google,lycos of the background is fast search engine, and the above MSN and HotBot search results are actually inktomi provided, the reason for the number of different sites, a slight discrepancy between the results, Just because of the terms of service. So, if you can use the backend service provider's search results as much as possible, the numbers should be more complete.

Second, some of the results are not reverse-referenced, and I experimented with the above search engine interfaces according to the following rules:

    1. Can distinguish domain >, so many personal site's domain name turns can and, the difference is open.
    2. Can distinguish subdirectories: can distinguish a site's home page and its subpages, such as: sub-columns
    3. Ability to distinguish between large > >

The specific command interface references measuring Link popularity

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