How to export xmind mind map into Excel format? tutorial on exporting Excel format in Xmind mind map

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Xmind is a mind mapping software, but the mind map file is not a common format. So it offers a number of other export formats that make it easy for users to share or use in the appropriate file format. Xmind currently supports file export formats such as PDF, SVG, MS excel/word/ppt/project, MindManager, HTML, and so on. The latest version of Xmind 8 also has new imports and exports to Opml,lighten format files.

In these files, there are a lot of commonly used, such as Word, PDF, Excel, etc., this article, the small series will be introduced in detail is exported to Excel files, and its related settings.

1, in Xmind 8, open or make a mind map, click on the top right corner of the map icon , select Export Microsoft Excel(this feature requires Pro version to use OH);

1) Merge Cells : The layout of this merged cell is more convenient to view and does not appear redundant.

2 )Hub Layout : This belongs to the one by one corresponding form, need to check the small partner, may be more suitable for this layout.

3 )Outline : This is similar to the outline view in our mind mapping.

2, in addition to these three kinds of layouts, you can also adjust the center of the ranks of the topic, by checking the "Center theme Location" option, you can also choose whether to include free topics and task information. Of course, these are based on your personal needs.

3, the relevant layout settings, click "Browse", select the appropriate file save location, and finally click Finish, you can export mind map for Excel files.

4, the above is about the export of Excel file related settings, in Xmind, export most have a very user-friendly export settings to facilitate users to export their own required files.

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