How to extend the range of wireless router coverage

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ways to extend the range of wireless router coverage

[1] Understanding wireless coverage

Coverage is the wireless terminal can receive wireless signal area, in the coverage of the normal use of the network, need to ensure that the wireless signal in a certain intensity (such as more than 2 lattice). At present, Tp-link wireless router coverage in the ideal environment is the radius of 300m, a single router can cover the general bedrooms residential, duplex, small villas.

Note: The ideal environment is the theoretical environment, no obstruction and interference, only for reference.

[2] factors affecting the coverage

Wireless coverage size is also known as "wall-piercing capability," which is affected by the following factors:

Wall material and thickness: Under normal circumstances, through a load-bearing wall (or two block common wall), signal attenuation is large, still can be used normally.

Wireless transmitter Power: The more powerful the wireless transmitting power of the router, the greater the signal strength (the better the wall-piercing ability). At present, wireless routers in the indoor launch power generally does not exceed 20dBm. The higher the transmitting power of the wireless router, the higher the signal strength, but more than the specified range will cause large electromagnetic radiation and interference.

Antenna gain: The greater the gain, the stronger the signal strength, at present, most of our routers antenna gain 3dBi.

Working Band: The current WiFi has 2.4G and 5G two bands, in the same environment, 2.4G signal than the 5G signal penetration ability better.

Antenna angle: In general, the omni-direction antenna coverage angle is as follows, the indoor vertical placement can achieve the best results.

Full-direction antenna launch effect chart

[3] FAQ for common misunderstandings

Wireless router coverage, showing that the intensity of the signal, the range depends on the above factors, and the number of antennas is not directly related. The following compares the range of wireless routers and the actual wireless rate of the same location under different antenna numbers:

Note: The following routers have the same transmitter power and antenna gain.

Note: The above data is for explanatory reference only, not actual test data.

Comparison conclusion: The coverage is independent of the number of antennas, and the multiple antenna routers will provide a relatively high rate when the signal is weak.

Extended wireless router Signal Strength method

The wireless signal intensity (coverage) is related to environment, router hardware and antenna azimuth, and has no direct relation with antenna quantity. The greater the number of antennas, the higher the wireless rate in the same location.

Therefore, in the purchase and use of the process, we need to be rational understanding of the router wall and signal strength. If the device has been purchased and the signal does not meet the demand.

1. Adjust Antenna angle

According to the environment to adjust the angle of the antenna, plane huxing recommended to put the antenna upright.

2. Wireless Extender extension signal

Using the wireless signal Extender, put in the weak signal area, after a simple setting to enhance the intensity of the signal. As follows:

3, WDS Bridge extension signal

Then buy a wireless router, bridge the current router wireless signal, you can extend the signal coverage, as follows:

4, HYFI package wireless coverage

Using the Hyfi Suite for wireless coverage, you can achieve a perfect signal coverage effect, as follows:

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