How to fix click failure of this touchpad

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Now the system is becoming more and more complex. A simple mouse setting makes it easier for me to find it.

In fact, the clicking (Click and double-click) of the touchpad has expired for some time, and I don't know what is going on. The control panel that comes with the touchpadProgramI haven't found the option to set the mouse click for several times, because there is an external mouse, so I haven't seriously solved it. It is inconvenient to put this book on the bedside to read the book tonight without clicking or double-clicking it. This makes it necessary to solve the problem.

I also searched for the functions of the touchpad control program and found that I still had nothing to do. I was preparing to reinstall a drive and accidentally opened the set value button on the device setting value page, open an attribute list similar to the tree structure of the Registry, and some text descriptions of the corresponding list, like a program "about" window, almost directly turn it off ......

Obviously, the most concealed part of this program is the function I want to find. Under the so-called "Touch" node, I see the "Start touch" option and click, close the window and click "available.

By the way, my system is the flagship version of win7, And the touchpad program displays synaptics ..

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