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Kill tool Quick Scan clear

Usually when we encounter the above situation, we first think of various cleaning tools. It was thanks to the feedback that a large number of browsers had been kidnapped and destroyed, so Google developed a cleanup tool that could quickly solve related problems.

Google Software Removal Tool "tool will scan the situation of Google Browser analysis, at the end of the scan will tell the user whether the kidnapping browser malicious software. If any, will actively help users to clean up, and recommend users to the browser to set up operations, because the user's customized home page and other information by the tool to clear off.

Small tip:

Users open Google browser's "Advanced Settings" window, select the "Privacy settings" in the "protect you and your device from the threat of harm" option, you can block the known malicious plug-ins and extensions to intercept, so as to avoid the browser itself damage.

Since the "Google Software Removal Tool" tool can only be targeted at Google's original browser, how should users of a derivative browser be resolved? For this type of user, you can try a professional cleaning tool Adwcleaner, which can be used for IE browser, Google Chrome, Firefox and other common browsers to repair the damage. First click the "Scan" button in the main interface to search the system for any suspicious files. When the scan is complete click on the "Logfile" button, the tool will pop up a text format of the scan report, which will be recorded in what may be problematic plug-ins, services, extensions and other information content. Finally click on the "Clean" button in the toolbar and Adwcleaner automatically cleans up the malicious information found. However, before you do so, be sure to save the file you are working on. Because when the malicious information is cleaned up, the tool automatically restarts the operating system to further confirm the cleanup that was just done.

Small tip:

Because Adwcleaner this tool cleaning effect is better, so the online emergence of a class of counterfeit Adwcleaner tools. So remind the user when downloading, must go to the official website of the software or have the well-known download website of security protection to download.

One-click Reset Restore Default state

Although through the Fool tool can quickly solve the problem of browser abduction, but because each user's operating environment is different, so it does not guarantee that all people are satisfied with the solution. So are there any more efficient, safer, and simpler ways to operate? In the past, when IE browser encountered similar problems, someone will remind you "really do not reset it." Then Google Browser has a similar function, and how to operate it?

First click the menu button in the upper right corner and click "Settings" in the pop-up menu. Then click the "Show advanced Settings" command at the bottom of the pop-up Options window to see the "Reset Settings" button at the bottom of the page. Click on this button will pop up a query window, click the "Reset" button to remove the kidnapping of the home page and malicious tool bar. And your Google browser will be restored to the original clean state, which is more clean than the newly installed browser.

However, prior to the reset operation, a backup operation of the data is required, which can be quickly recovered after the reset. First in the Settings window click the "Login" button, in the pop-up dialog box in accordance with the wizard to set up their own account password, settings can be completed after the login operation. The next step will be to eject the Advanced Sync Settings dialog box and select the data type you want to sync, which suggests that you select all the options. Because of Google's official expansion, Plug-ins and other content to conduct a rigorous review, so malicious plug-ins, toolbars will not be synchronized to the cloud server, which is equivalent to the data for a screening. The data that is synchronized back after the reset is all safe, green, and efficient information content.

Actively enable encrypted transport protocol

If the previous series of operations did not find the problem, the problem is not out of the browser itself, but users of the Internet data traffic by operators and other malicious hijacking. The reason for this problem is that the traditional network transmission uses the HTTP protocol, which does not encrypt the transmitted packets, which facilitates the manipulation of the packet by operators and so on. The best way to prevent this from happening is to force the browser to use the encrypted HTTPS protocol for transmission. Now, including Taobao, Baidu and so on are beginning to support HTTPS protocol, then how to let Google browser using HTTPS protocol Baidu search it?

First, follow the previous method to open the Google Browser Settings window, where you find the "search" and then click the following "Management search Engine" button. In the pop-up dialog box can see the default three search engines, we are in the "other search engine" list to create an HTTPS protocol Baidu search. First in the "Add a new search engine," Enter the engine name, such as we are here to enter "Baidu encryption search." Then enter "Httpsbaidu" in "keywords" and then enter "{inputencoding}&wd=%s" in the "url" later. After the setup is complete, move the mouse to the search engine you just created, click on the "set as default search Engine" button and click "OK" button. Later when we are in Google browser address bar input keyword search, Baidu search will not jump to other inexplicable page.

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