How to brush Samsung G9008W? G9008W flash brush tutorial (online brush official system package)

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The Samsung G9008W flash brush tutorial has come. I have shared with you the Samsung s5 flash brush tutorial, but many people do not know it is universal, so here we will share with you the flash brush tutorial for this mobile phone. The flash brush method for this mobile phone is also divided into card brush and wire brush, mainly for wire brush, that is to say, I used the odin tool to brush the flash. Next I will introduce the specific steps for you to brush the flash. This method can be used for upgrade or backup of bricks, this method is also common for most Samsung mobile phones, so the people who often brush should be familiar with it, but the firmware packages for different mobile phones are different, next let's take a look at the detailed operation steps:
I. Preparations before Samsung G9008W flash:
1: Make sure that your mobile phone can connect to your computer using a data cable. This is required.
2: The Samsung G9008W driver must be installed on the computer. If your mobile phone has not installed the driver, click here to download and install >>>
3: Download the rombrush package. Click here to download the package. If the downloaded package is in the zip format, click it and find the package in the .tar format. If the package is extracted directly in the tar or md5 format, you do not need to decompress it again.
4: Download the odin toolkit and click here to download it. Download the toolkit and decompress it on your computer.


1: The phone is completely shut down, and then press and hold down the volume of the phone + HOME + power button at the same time. Wait for 3 seconds. The following figure is displayed.

2: press the volume button to go to the green robot page. This is the flash mode.

3: decompress the downloaded odin toolkit. After extracting the package, there is a folder. Click it and you will see multiple versions of odin, all of which are in the exe format, select the latest odin tool and double-click it.

4: After the odin software is enabled, the software will automatically recognize your mobile phone. After the recognition is successful, it will be displayed in blue at ID: COM (indicating that the mobile phone is successfully connected. If the mobile phone is not displayed in blue, note that there is no connection), select AP, and select the tar or md5 file package downloaded and decompressed above.

The above figure shows an integrated firmware package.

The preceding figure shows how to select an integrated package for the odin tool.

The preceding figure shows a five-piece firmware package.
The preceding figure shows how to select five packages for the odin tool.
5: After everything is selected, click start to start refreshing.

6: After the brush is complete, the "PASS" text will be displayed on it, indicating that the brush is successful.

7: The phone restarts. The first boot may be slow. Please wait patiently:
8: The Wire has been refreshed.

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