How to brush the apple 5S/5? IPHONE5S/5 Brush Machine Tutorial Diagram

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Apple will regularly release the iOS system, some of the Apple mobile phone user system upgrade process is abnormal, upgrade failed to display the itunes link, some users escaped after white Apple, firmware damage need to brush machine, this article focuses on the Apple tool software through the Apple mobile phone brush machine method Tutorial.

Computer System Preparation

Computer operating system WinXP, Win7, Win8 can be, but to close 360, Jinshan and other anti-virus software, to avoid these anti-virus software in the brush process due to security restrictions caused the inability to write files.

Tool Preparation

Download the latest version of itunes and the assistant.

Apple Phone brush Machine steps:

1 Open the Love-thinking Assistant

Connect the Apple phone to the computer, open the love-thinking assistant, and select My device to see an Apple phone in the recovery mode is connected.

2) into the DFU

DFU is a mandatory recovery model for Apple handsets, which must go into DFU mode to brush. Enter DFU mode operation reference: The Apple handset enters the DFU mode . When you successfully enter DFU mode, you will see the following tips on your assistant.

3) Query Shsh
Enter the toolbox, select a key brush machine, and then select the action Bar to the right of the query Shsh, after the query, you can see the purple text suffix for the rpsw words, is your Apple phone support firmware. Never unsupported firmware, that will not be able to brush the machine. About SHSH can be referred to: what does SHSH mean?

4) Download firmware

In the firmware Management department, find the firmware resources, open the firmware resources, you can see a lot of Apple phone model firmware, only to download the SHSH query after the Apple phone support firmware.

5) Start Brush machine

Enter the toolbox, select a key brush machine, see the right-hand side of the book assistant has a selection of firmware, click to select just download the good firmware. After the firmware selection, check the user information brush machine, and then click on the brush machine immediately. Check to keep the user information brush machine, only 5% of the possibility to keep the data, a lot of the Apple phone does not hold the retention data brush machine

6) Activation

About 10-13 minutes, the brush is completed, the phone is set to a new phone, with AppID and password to activate. If you do not remember AppID password, you can find it by icloud, find the method see: apple AppID password forgot how to do?

Apple Phone brush machine encountered error resolution

1, unable to connect the computer
Most are computers that prohibit Apple device driver services from starting. Access the computer's control Panel, select the Management tool, click Computer Management, find the service and application options, select the service, find the Bonjour service in a list of services, and then select Start.
2, timeout
Did not enter the DFU mode correctly, re-enter DFU again.
3, C Disk tool is not enough to extract the firmware.
Copy the downloaded iOS firmware to a different disk.
4, the driver problem
The iphone is disconnected during the brush, then relink, and sometimes the relink cannot succeed. Can reinstall the recovery mode under the Apple handset driver.
5, Baseband write error
Change the computer to brush machine, if the same error, then to repair station to solve.
6, the efficacy of Amrerror value is not 0
Change the computer to brush machine, if the same error, then to repair station to solve.
7. Failed to send data
Change the computer or the USB port to brush the machine, if the same error, then to repair station to solve.
6, Query SHSH failure

Change the computer to brush machine, if the same error, then to repair station to solve.

PS: In addition to this method brush Apple system, as well as ITUNES,PP Assistant can brush machine Oh, the procedure relative to this tutorial is the same as simple, small series does not introduce the site has a lot of relevant articles you can use the for action to find.

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