How to convert a PDF file to Word

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Today, many friends ask how to convert PDF to Word format and edit, PDF to Word software where to download? And so on, we know that the general online download of PDF conversion to Word need to register or purchase, for temporary processing of files of users is not necessary, Here you will find a free tool to convert PDF to Word.
Convert PDF files to Word We need specialized conversion software, but if you ask which is the most convenient and safest, here I recommend the use of Quick PDF conversion to Word Converter This software is very powerful, can be a plain text or an illustrated PDF file into editable word, After the conversion is also the same as the PDF, each page is a picture. Next, I'll tell you more about how to convert PDFs into PDFs in a PDF format converter.
Before the conversion, we first prepare 2-3 pages of PDF documents, while landing Baidu home page or 360 software manager download the software, after successful installation, directly run the software, from the open interface we can observe that many of the conversion modes we have encountered in the office, for example, the file to Word, File to Excel, file to ppt, file to picture, file to txt and so on. Very satisfied with our office needs. Therefore, the first task is to choose the conversion mode-file to Word, click on the icon to check;
We then observed that the software interface provided two convenient hubs for the number of uploaded files-add files/Add folders. If the number of files converted is not long, we click on the PDF software "Add File" button, if it is to upload hundreds or more files, we can use "" Add Folder "to add the PDF file to the program interface. Once the document is uploaded, we set one of the paths in the output options to hold the Word document. Here, the PDF conversion software by default to save the converted files in the original folder, or custom folder storage path, and finally click on the right "start conversion" to complete the conversion successfully.
The PDF file converter can be implemented in the document display after the specific conversion:
One. The converted Word document retains the original layout of the PDF document. This enables the conversion of the Word document format to display normal, without the appearance of confusion.
Two. The converted Word document retains the effect of including images, hyperlinks, and so on, to ensure that the layout quality is not affected.
The 2015 new PDF conversion to Word Converter solves the problem of Office document format conversion, enabling the conversion of Office files to PDF files. Deep PDF file Content recognition technology, improve content recognition rate, excellent conversion quality.
Friendly recommendation: Convert PDF to Word converter

How to convert a PDF file to Word

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