How to convert a PDF to an editable Word document

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When working with PDF documents, the PDF is usually converted to Word format, because the content of the Word document is easy to edit and easy to use. So many people will convert the PDF document to Word format, although there are many ways, but the results can be changed by different ways, and the original PDF file is more or less different. How do you maximize the full conversion of PDFs to Word documents?
If you want to convert a PDF file into a Word document that can be edited, the first PDF file is a file that can be edited, and the scanned PDF file is converted into a document with a picture format. In addition, encrypted PDF files need to be unlocked before they can be converted to a normal Word document.
Convert PDF to Word format need to apply to PDF conversion tool, after opening PDF conversion to Word Converter, first select file to Word option.
Then is to convert the PDF file to be added to the conversion tool, in the page number selection column can be entered in the page range, enter the page range, the conversion of the document will only convert the input page range, not input will be all converted.
Finally set the output directory of the document, the conversion button below the point, the file will be converted, and so on before the file status conversion is complete, you can find the converted Word document in the set directory.
After the PDF file is converted to Word, the basic layout and content are not much more than the original files, but some of the features of the PDF file may not be displayed in the converted word.

How to convert a PDF to an editable Word document

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