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A series of differences between Google and Bing in the search results page of a breaking news event is related to how marketers develop marketing strategies through popular events. Optify, a leading marketing software company, recently surveyed the rankings of Google and Bing's search results for three different types of major news events. These three kinds of news types include world breaking news, economic breaking news and local latest news. Optify found that the two major search engine news search results page for authority, multimedia elements and freshness of the attention to each have different, resulting in a great difference in search results. So let's see what's different.

Google is more authoritative, and Bing tends to be fresh


Brian Goffman, CEO and co-founder of Optify, said: "Both Google and Bing reflect that they are creating different search results pages for major news events." Google will be more inclined to give priority to the source of authority, and by contrast, Bing will have more recent news, but these are not necessarily high authority.

In this burst news search results Report, also cite an interesting phenomenon, that is in the unexpected news search results page generally do not have any ads. Goffman speculated that this was because the advertising business did not want to be implicated in the news of the accident. For example, if you were an airline, would you want your ad to appear on the search results page of the crash news?

Another noteworthy problem is the organic search results, which will be the result of a sudden news incident to the top of the results. And in the news search results of breaking news events, multimedia news, including pictures or videos, will be more popular.

So how do marketers prepare and participate in breaking news?

Optify's report also gives 10 points on how to better prepare and participate in major news events to better achieve our target traffic.

1, format: As I said above, contains pictures or video multimedia content will be more popular search engines.

2, social sharing: Use your social network to make breaking news events more quickly and widely spread.

3. + +: Google will be given more "+1" content, so you need to add the Google+1 button on your site.

4, Fresh: In the event of breaking news, if you have fresh and unique content will be your winning magic weapon.

5, news site map: You can put the day's news site map submitted to Google, so you can let Google more quickly find your news, to ensure that your news can be included in a timely manner. Because breaking news is about timeliness.

6, Optimization: If the content is not related to the optimization of the keyword, your content ranking will not get a satisfactory ranking.

7, the formulation of key words: We can learn how users find these events to develop keyword strategy.

8, keyword research: the use of real-time keyword monitoring tools, such as Google Trends to Real-time view the index index of keywords.

9, the use of social media to promote traffic: social media has become news events in the marketing staff to obtain traffic and essential tools.

Unexpected event is a site to obtain traffic opportunities is also a challenge, handling good details will be your site to get good traffic, I hope this article for everyone to help. This article by Peach said Taobao women Edit, reprint please keep the source.

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